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The Sword of Truth, Boxed Set I, Books 1-3

The Sword of Truth, Boxed Set I, Books 1-3

Wizard's First Rule, Stone of Tears, Blood of the Fold

Sword of Truth

Terry Goodkind

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The masterpiece from Terry Goodkind that started the New York Times bestselling epic Sword of Truth. This boxed set includes the first three books: Wizard's First Rule, Stone of Tears, and Blood of the Fold

Book 1: Wizard's First Rule

In the aftermath of the brutal murder of his father, a mysterious woman, Kahlan Amnell, appears in Richard Cypher's forest sanctuary seeking help. Richard’s world, his very beliefs, are shattered when ancient debts come due with thundering violence.

This is the beginning. One book. One Rule. Witness the birth of a legend.

Book 2: Stone of Tears

Kahlan has at last gained the one goal she had always thought was beyond her grasp ... love. Against all odds, the ancient bonds of secret oaths, and the dark talents of men long dead, Richard has won her heart.

Amid sudden and disastrous events, Richard's life is called due to satisfy those treacherous oaths. To save his life, Kahlan must forsake Richard's love and cast him into the chains of slavery, knowing there could be no sin worse than such a betrayal.

Book 3: Blood of the Fold

In a world as rich and real as our own, Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell stand against the ancient forces which besiege the New World--forces so terrible that when last they threatened, they could only be withstood by sealing off the Old World from whence they came. Now the barrier has been breached, and the New World is again beset by their evil power.

Praise for The Sword of Truth, Boxed Set I, Books 1-3

“Wonderfully creative, seamless, and stirring.” —Kirkus Reviews on Wizard's First Rule -

Terry Goodkind

Author of the epic Sword of Truth series and one of the most popular writers of fantasy today, Terry Goodkind divides his time between Maine and Nevada.


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