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An Alphabet for Gourmets

An Alphabet for Gourmets

M.F.K. Fisher

North Point Press


Trade Paperback

In Alphabet for Gourmets, M.F.K. Fisher arranges a selection of her essays in a whimsical way that reveals the breadth and depth of her passion. From A for (dining) alone to Z for Zakuski, "a Russian hors d'oeuvre," Fisher alights on both longtime obsessions and idiosyncratic digressions. As usual, she liberates her readers from caution and slavish adherence to culinary tradition-- and salts her writings with a healthy dose of humor.

Praise for An Alphabet for Gourmets

“Since Mrs. Fisher wrote [An Alphabet for Gourmets], naturally it is witty, pungent and highly civilized, but also it has a special charm...It not only guides and titillates; it warms.” —Rex Stout, The New York Times Book Review

“Full of sound counsel, shrewd observation, luscious memories of dinners eaten and wines drunk, and a lot of common sense spiced with personal recollection. It's a good mixture.” —J.H. Jackson, San Francisco Chronicle

“Entertaining and knowledgeable.” —The New Yorker


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M.F.K. Fisher

M.F.K. Fisher is the author of numerous books of essays and reminiscences, many of which have become American classics.

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