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The Body Toxic

The Body Toxic

How the Hazardous Chemistry of Everyday Things Threatens Our Health and Well-being

Nena Baker

North Point Press


We are running a collective chemical fever that we cannot break. Everyone everywhere now carries a dizzying array of chemical contaminants, the by-products of modern industry and innovation, that contribute to a host of developmental deficits and health problems in ways just now being understood. These toxic substances, unknown to our grandparents, accumulate in our fat, bones, blood, and organs as a consequence of womb-to-tomb exposure to industrial substances as common as the products that contain them. Almost everything we encounter—from soap to soup cans, computers to clothing—contributes to a chemical load unique to each of us. Scientists studying the phenomenon refer to it as "chemical body burden," and in The Body Toxic, the investigative journalist Nena Baker explores the many factors that have given rise to this condition.



The turnoff to the tiny hamlet of Bolinas is unmarked from California Highway 1 as it twists along Pacific Ocean headlands one hour north of San Francisco. Every time highway crews put up a sign pointing...

Praise for The Body Toxic

“Powerful . . .An eye-opening exposé.” —John Marshall, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Chilling.” —Kate Nolan, The Arizona Republic

“Illuminating . . . Throughout The Body Toxic, Baker gives consumers information to help them make ‘informed decisions.'” —Seth Shulman, The Washington Post Book World

“Startling.” —Elizabeth Grossman, TheOregonian


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Nena Baker

Nena Baker is a former staff writer for The Arizona Republic and The Oregonian. Her award-winning investigation of Nike's Indonesian factories led to numerous improvements for workers.

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Nena Baker

North Point Press

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