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The Eight Limbs of Yoga

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

A Handbook for Living Yoga Philosophy

Stuart Ray Sarbacker and Kevin Kimple; Foreword by Christopher Key Chapple

North Point Press


A clear, concise guidebook to the essentials of yogic thought and practice

Many people think yoga simply means postures and breathing. Not true. The intention of this short guide is practical and straightforward: to say what yoga really is and to apply its principles to everyday life. It leads us through the eight-limbed system, a coherent framework that has been handed down and elaborated upon for thousands of years and consists of five "outer limbs," which pertain to our experience of the social world and the operation of our senses, and three "inner limbs," which focus on the mind. Stuart Ray Sarbacker and Kevin Kimple present the eight-limbed system as something that can be turned to again and again to deepen and expand understanding and practice. As an introduction and overview to the essence of yoga, The Eight Limbs of Yoga is unparalleled for clarity, usefulness, and concision.


What Is Yoga?

YS I.14 sa tu dirghakalanairantaryasatkarasevito d??habhumi?

It [practice] becomes grounded firmly when...

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Stuart Ray Sarbacker and Kevin Kimple; Foreword by Christopher Key Chapple

Stuart Ray Sarbacker is an assistant professor of philosophy at Oregon State University and specializes in South Asian religion and philosophy. Kevin Kimple teaches at the Eugene School of Yoga and is an authorized Ashtanga instructor.

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Mina Carson

Stuart Ray Sarbacker

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Briana Coiner

Kevin Kimple

North Point Press

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