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Israel: The Will to Prevail

Author: Danny Danon

Israel: The Will to Prevail

Israel: The Will to Prevail



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Danny Danon has been a vocal opponent of disengaging in the Gaza Strip and West bank, and transforming the stalemate "two state/one state" dialogue to include regional partners, at times standing...

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Danny Danon has been a vocal opponent of disengaging in the Gaza Strip and West bank, and transforming the stalemate "two state/one state" dialogue to include regional partners, at times standing in direct opposition to his own party's leadership. A well-known and frequent speaker in the global arena, he is the rising voice for a fresh movement toward nationalism among the generation of Israelis currently coming to power. Here, Danon shares this vision with the world. It is a bold and uncompromising stance in the face of attacks on Israel's sovereignty by other Middle Eastern nations as the United States sends mixed signals of support to further its own goals in the region. Danon dissects the missteps and wrong turns that Israel's politicians have taken in the past by working to appease the United States and not offend their neighbors, instead of prioritizing their nation's own viability. With electrifying zeal, he tackles the challenges Israel faces today to undo what he sees as a consequence brought on by years of acquiescence to US policy. Danon believes "US pressure on Israel is hurting Israel and will do nothing to advance peace".

Danon leads the charge toward a victorious future with an invitation for the United States and the Middle East to participate in, and not just dictate, Israel's international relations and policies (as opposed to an Israel cuckolded with an endless array of caveats toward those who would see it fall). No stranger to controversy, Danon's unabashed insights are a welcome revelation in the current quagmire of Middle-East international relations. A leading speaker to both Jewish groups and Christian Conservatives, the LA Jewish Journal says "What Danny says is what Bibi is actually thinking." For Danny Danon, this is only the beginning.

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“Danny Danon is one of Israel's emerging leaders and a force for keeping Israel free and strong. He unabashedly rejects the notion of making concessions and capitulations to terrorists, whether individuals or rogue nations. His skills as a political figure are exceptional and matched by his keen intellect and commitment to a strong and stable Israel. You will love the strength, thought, and clarity of his book.” —Mike Huckabee, host of Fox News's HUCKABEE and New York Times bestselling author of A Simple Government, among others

“Danny Danon has written an important and tough book about Israel's situation in the world today. Though I fundamentally disagree with many of his proposals, especially with regard to the West Bank and the two state solution, his is a voice of an emerging young leader whose views must be considered. It is written with passion and deep love for his country and is part of an important debate whose resolution will affect the entire Middle East, if not the world. Read it, argue with it, disagree with it--but don't ignore it.” —Alan Dershowitz, Harvard law professor and author

“Deputy Speaker Danny Danon, a leading thinker and voice in Israeli politics, has written a book that offers a new way forward for the U.S. and Israel. By passionately calling for a partnership rooted in respect and strength, instead of patronizing calls for more concessions, Danon makes us look at the future of this special relationship in a whole new way.” —Glenn Beck, #1 New York Times bestselling author and founder of GBTV

“A well-crafted and persuasive case, based on both historical experience and reason, that we should abandon land-for-peace for a whole new approach toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Palestinians have made their jihadist bed. Now, Danon essentially says, let them lie in it.” —R. James Woolsey, chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies; former director of Central Intelligence

“[One] Likud politician makes no effort to hide where his political allegiance lies in the US election: The man who has been called 'the Republican representative in the Knesset,' MK Danny Danon...Called Israel: The Will to Prevail, [Danon's] book has a message about the need for Jerusalem to make its own decisions that is very timely, thanks to the international debate over the handling of the effort to prevent Iran's nuclearization.” —Gil Hoffman, The Jerusalem Post

“Though Danon is in his first term in the Knesset, his profile is rising quickly on the Israeli political scene—perhaps more than anything else because of his unapologetically nationalist vision for Israel’s future…Danon outlines his blueprint for Israel’s future in…Israel: The Will to Prevail.” —Uriel Heilman, Jewish Telegraphic Agency

“It is that will to break the silence that is clearly reflected in Danon’s newly released, refreshingly honest, groundbreaking book, Israel: The Will to Prevail…I find it impressive that this young 40-year politician has written a book which has the potential to make waves, and allow people to understand what nationalist Israeli politics looks like. Danon is an ideologue, a man who has spent his entire life fighting for the Jewish people—and this comes across clearly in his writing…The book reflects past, present, and future…Danon is a rising star of his party and I believe that his book is necessary reading for those who are interested in the Middle East and the State of Israel.” —Ronn Torossian, The Algemeiner

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Israel: The Will to Prevail

Israel: The Will to Prevail