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Everything You Know

Everything You Know

A Novel

Zoë Heller



Zoë Heller's first novel introduces an unforgettable curmudgeon, Willy Muller, an embittered journalist turned celebrity biographer and misanthrope. At the age of fifty, having survived imprisonment for murdering his wife, years of venomous hate mail from the public, and most recently, the suicide of his daughter, Sadie, Willy is about to become an unlikely candidate for redemption. With its scalpel-sharp wit and brilliant dialogue, Everything You Know is "a smashing success. Wickedly funny, lively, and---ultimately---moving" (Newsday).


This afternoon, as I came awake from one of those thin, un-refreshing hospital naps, a strange woman was standing over my bed. She was unusually tall—maybe six foot—with a sad, too-long face and a wonky right eye.


Praise for Everything You Know

“Sparkling…A Waugh-like cast of misfits, hustlers, and losers, all delineated with Swiftean malice and glee.” —Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

“Not since Flannery O'Connor has a woman writer come along who seems to so thoroughly understand the greasy inner cogs of the male psyche, especially where matters of sex are concerned.” —The Baltimore Sun

“Heller many be an assiduously unsentimental novelist, but she knows where the heartstrings are when she needs them. She can be nimble and hilarious. She has a shrewd ear for dialogue and conjures a terrific cast of supporting characters….An acerbic, sneakily touching novel.” —The New York Times Book Review

“A caustic and ultimately devastating novel.” —The New Yorker

“At once biting and sly, hilarious and haunting. A blazingly good debut.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer

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Zoë Heller

Zoë Heller was born in London and lives in New York City. She is the author of the novels What Was She Thinking? (Notes on a Scandal), The Believers, and Everything You Know.

Zoë Heller


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