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Only a Witch Can Fly

Author: Alison McGhee; Illustrated by Taeeun Yoo

Only a Witch Can Fly

Only a Witch Can Fly


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Timeless, universal, and surprising, this magical and poetic Halloween tale is a gentle reminder that in order to reach for the stars, you must follow your heart.

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Only a witch can fly.

But one little girl wants to fly—more than anything. So on a special night, with the moon shining bright and her cat by her side, she gathers herself up, she grips her broom tight, and she tries. And she fails. And she's brave. And she tries again. Until . . .

Utterly enchanting, New York Times–bestselling author Alison McGhee's lyrical language and Taeeun Yoo's transcendent linoleum block prints create a bewitching tale about finding one's own path that will send your heart soaring.

Only a Witch Can Fly is a 2010 Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year.

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“The effortless quiet of McGhee's words is beautifully matched by Yoo's pictures. …There's more than enough magic in these pages…for young readers and for their parents, who might otherwise give up on finding anything truly enchanting about Halloween.” —The New York Times Book Review

“It's an enchanting book that makes a compelling point about the perseverance needed to follow your dreams. It's not hard to imagine such a potent message resonating with young readers this Halloween.” —BookPage

“This sophisticated picture book is rich with imagination… More personal, quiet, and transcendent than most Halloween books, this is not a call to witchcraft, but rather to following one's heart.” —Booklist

“Like its protagonist, this book soars.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“This gentle, lyrical tale, written in the unusual poetic stanzas of a medieval sestina, recounts a young trick-or-treater's dogged attempts to make her dreams of flight come true. …This is a quieter, more reflective addition to Halloween collections that offers an enchanting storytime read-aloud.” —School Library Journal

“Beneath the vintage spooky setting lies a subtle message about perseverance and individuality.” —Publishers Weekly

“Written as a sestina, a poetry form that originated in the twelfth century, the words and pictures evoke the magic of Halloween and a little girl's longing to fly.…superb linoleum block prints with hints of another time fill each double-page spread.” —Children's Literature

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Only a Witch Can Fly

Only a Witch Can Fly


Trade Paperback