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Howard's Gift

Uncommon Wisdom to Inspire Your Life's Work

Author: Eric C. Sinoway with Merrill Meadow

Howard's Gift

Howard's Gift

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"A timeless classic . . . This is a book of head and heart, of wisdom and emotion . . . Tuesdays with Morrie meets What Color is Your Parachute?" -Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSNi

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"A timeless classic . . . This is a book of head and heart, of wisdom and emotion . . . Tuesdays with Morrie meets What Color is Your Parachute?" -Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSNi

With forty years at Harvard Business School, Howard Stevenson is renowned as an entrepreneur and business strategist, author, philanthropist, and professor. He has mentored more than ten thousand business founders, CEOs, professionals, and top business school faculty around the world.
Written by his student and successful entrepreneur Eric Sinoway, Howard's Gift offers Stevenson's timeless lessons on life and career. Full of personal and professional insight, this guide presents savvy practical strategies that can be applied to professional decisions on any scale. Through warm and engaging conversations with Sinoway, Stevenson focuses not just on business success, but on deep personal satisfaction through self-defined benchmarks for development and accomplishment. Stevenson's lessons include: - Create a vision of your own legacy through a process called "business planning for life.

- "Be entrepreneurial in driving your career ahead (even if you're not an entrepreneur).
- Exploit the inflection points in your life-whether "friend," "foe," or "silent."
- Cut risk in tough career and life decisions by shining the "light of predictability" on them.
- Plan for the ripples, not just the splash from your actions and choices.

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“Filled with common-sense insights--on business and life--for future generations.” —USA Today

“Thought-provoking...engaging...Think of it as Tuesdays with Morrie for MBAs.” —Fortune

“The conversational tone is so casual that only after readers put the book down will they realize they just received a bucketload of valuable information and advice.” —Publishers Weekly Review

“This work offers wonderful wisdom for navigating the inflection points in our lives.” —Mehmet Oz, MD Professor and Vice Chair, Surgery, New York Presbyterian/ Columbia University

“This book is truly a gift for all those seeking fulfilling careers.” —Wendy Kopp, Founder & CEO, Teach For America

“Beautifully written. Compelling. The books should be read – and re-read – by women and men of all ages!” —Henry Rosovsky, Former Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University

“This is a book of head and heart, of wisdom and emotion. It is Tuesday's with Morrie meets What Color is Your Parachute? Howard's Gift is a timeless classic.” —Mindy Grossman, Chief Executive Officer, HSN, Inc.

“Howard will go down in business history as the primary promoter of entrepreneurship. He is both wise and smart.” —Arthur Rock, Venture Capitalist, Arthur Rock & Company

“From a student interested in philosophy to the one pursuing pre-med, from the future attorney to the aspiring executive, Howard's Gift is a priceless guide for the incoming freshman charting his or her homework – of the graduating student contemplating professional options. Every freshman should buy it; every graduating student should read it.” —Don Bishop, Chief Administrator for Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Scholarships at the University of Notre Dame

“Just as thousands of Harvard Business School students and countless others from around the world have benefitted from Howard Stevenson's wisdom, insight, and example, so will the readers of this very remarkable book.” —John McArthur, Dean Emeritus & George F. Baker Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

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Howard's Gift

Howard's Gift

Howard's Gift
Howard's Gift