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Digital Assassination

Protecting Your Reputation, Brand, or Business Against Online Attacks

Author: Richard Torrenzano and Mark Davis

Digital Assassination

Digital Assassination


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Two leading reputation experts reveal how the internet is being used to destroy brands, reputations and even lives, and how to fight back.

From false Wikipedia...

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Two leading reputation experts reveal how the internet is being used to destroy brands, reputations and even lives, and how to fight back.

From false Wikipedia entries, to fake YouTube videos, to Facebook lynch mobs, everyone from CEOs to fashion models, journalists to politicians, restaurateurs to doctors, is open to character assassination in the burgeoning realm of digital media.

Two top media experts recount vivid tales of character attacks, provide specific advice on how to counter them, and how to turn the tables on the attackers. Having spent decades preparing for and coping with these issues, Richard Torrenzano and Mark Davis share their secrets on dealing with problems at the top of today's news.

Torrenzano and Davis also take a step back to look at how the past might inform our future thinking about character assassination, from the slander wars between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, to predictions on what the end of privacy will mean for civilization.

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St. Martin's Griffin



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“Digital Assassination provides a compass --as well as a road map-- for navigating the potholes, pitfalls and landmines of our new digital world. It is a must read from every CEO and top executive.” —Dick Grasso, former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, New York Stock Exchange

“Sticks and stones may break your bones, names will ruin your reputation, cost you jobs and contracts, and destroy your career--online they will. Digital Assassination represents an indispensible--and, let it be said, completely engrossing--manual of self-defense.” —Peter Robinson, fellow at the Hoover Institution, founder of, and former speechwriter to President Reagan

“The Net is a reflection of everything good and bad in society, and as such has a dark side. Everyone and every organization needs to manage their reputation and protect themselves when they go online. That's the critical message of Digital Assassination.” —Don Tapscott, best selling author, most recently Grown Up Digital and Macrowikinomics

“Do you have a good reputation? Then be sure to protect it by reading "Digital Assassination" where the authors lay out seven ways you and your company can be irreparably harmed at the speed of a Twitter post. Knowledge is power, so pay heed to the keen and timely advice here.” —Charlene Li, Author of Groundswell and Open Leadership, Founder of Altimeter Group

“Torrenzano and Davis blend a compelling narrative, killer anecdotes and page-turning prose into a sober and worrying account of what happens when the darker side of human nature harnesses the connectedness and anonymity of today's web. Their Digital Assassination should be in the hands of anyone who has a good name--or a good business--to protect.” —Mike Hayden, former Director, Central Intelligence Agency; former Director, National Security Agency

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Digital Assassination

Digital Assassination