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Recipes for Disaster

Recipes for Disaster

A Memoir

Tess Rafferty

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Starting with the Thanksgiving turkey that never quite finishes cooking, then moving to the polenta that unceremoniously goes runny and the guests that arrive a day early—there is no topic Tess Rafferty fails to encounter, or hilariously recount. Recipes for Disaster is as though Bridget Jones wrote a culinary narrative—the most pristine of intentions slowly disappear, as does the wine along with any hope of a seamless and well-orchestrated dinner party.
Told with heart, humor and honesty; this memoir goes beyond culinary catastrophe and heartwarmingly unveils the lengths we go to in order to please our family, friends, and ourselves—and proves that it's not the food that counts, but the memories. Aptly timed for all the Thanksgiving chefs about to enter the holiday gauntlet; or the guests headed to their dinners—this is the perfect book to read and then savor.

Chapter 1
How to Cook a Turkey, or The Stomach: Not the Way to a Man's Pants

The final Thanksgiving I spent with my family my father said grace. We were not a religious family, despite the fact that we had...

Praise for Recipes for Disaster

“There is so much I could relate to in Tess's funny, touching and wise book, …except the parts about struggling to make it in Hollywood, having to cook for myself and actually paying for things (oh, by the way, thanks for the free book.)” —Joel McHale

“This book combines two of my favorite things: food and parties that end with people crying.” —Whitney Cummings, comedienne and star of NBC's "Whitney"

“Tess Rafferty doesn't take any of it too seriously--the food, or the failures. I like that about her.” —Giulia Melucci, author of I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti

“This delectable book is a culinary memoir for those of us who love food but don't always know exactly when the turkey is safe to eat. Not since the disastrous dinner parties of the classic Mary Tyler Moore show has a sultry brunette more adorably fumbled her way through the kitchen. If you love Laurie Colwin or Nora Ephron, there's a new witty cook in town you must read: Tess Rafferty. Bon Appetit!” —Cathryn Michon, author of The Grrl Genius Guide to Life

“Reading RECIPES FOR DISASTER is like being at a terrific dinner party, chock full of comfort foods and lots (and lots) of wine. Tess Rafferty serves up delicious Hollywood stories that are sometimes heartwarming and always hilarious.” —Adena Halpern, author of 29, and Pinch Me

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Tess Rafferty

For 7 ½ years TESS RAFFERTY wrote on the cult comedy show, The Soup, where she skewered pop culture, parodied celebrities and helped her co-workers pick out gifts for their wives. She has frequently been seen on camera as herself, Posh Spice, a Succubus, a "Guidette" from Jersey Shore, and perhaps most notably "The Dancing Maxi Pad." Her first feature film, Thicker Than Water, is scheduled to begin filming in July 2012.

While at Emerson College, Tess started performing stand up comedy at the clubs and Chinese restaurants around Boston, Massachusetts and continues to perform stand up in Los Angeles, when not holding herself to ridiculous standards at dinner parties or learning to speak Italian. Tess is also a regular performer at the storytelling show, Public School, and frequently reads her essays at the Pez show. She can also be seen discussing pop culture on the TV Guide Channel and VH1.

A drinking "enthusiast," Tess enjoys wine, specifically good wine. She's tasted wine from the Napa Valley to Long Island to the island of Ischia, and at every airport bar in between. Her travels have led to an appreciation for good food, which she attempts to bring home and recreate for her friends, with varying degrees of success.

She lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, husband, (SIC) their 3 ungrateful cats, a modest wine collection and a pool. So, nothing bad can happen here.

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