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The Furies

The Furies

A Thriller

Mark Alpert

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For centuries, the Furies have lived among us. Long ago they were called witches and massacred by the thousands. But they're human just like us, except for a rare genetic mutation that they've hidden from the rest of the world for hundreds of years.

Now, a chance encounter with a beautiful woman named Ariel has led John Rogers into the middle of a secret war among the Furies. Ariel needs John's help in the battle between a rebellious faction of the clan and their elders. The grand prize in this war is a chance to remake the human race.

Mark Alpert's The Furies weaves cutting-edge science into an ingenious thriller, showing how a simple genetic twist could have inspired tales of witchcraft and sorcery, and how the paranormal could indeed be possible.



New York City
September 2014
She was smart and sexy and beautiful, but all that didn't matter. John Rogers fell for her because of what she said about God.
He met her in a bar on West Fourth Street in...

About the author

Mark Alpert

MARK ALPERT, author of the internationally bestselling thriller Final Theory, its sequel The Omega Theory, and most recently Extinction, is a contributing editor at Scientific American. His work has also appeared in Fortune, Popular Mechanics, and Playboy. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and two children.

Mark Alpert

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