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Shotgun Lullaby

A Conway Sax Mystery (Volume 3)

Author: Steve Ulfelder

Shotgun Lullaby

Shotgun Lullaby



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From critically acclaimed, Edgar-nominated author Steve Ulfelder-Conway Sax is back in a thrilling and heart-wrenching story of how far a father will go to save his son

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From critically acclaimed, Edgar-nominated author Steve Ulfelder-Conway Sax is back in a thrilling and heart-wrenching story of how far a father will go to save his son

Conway Sax is a man seeking redemption. A man with a deeply checkered past currently paying for his sins by helping Gus Biletnikov stay sober. Wise-ass Gus, son of a wealthy investment banker, drives Conway nuts. But he also reminds him of his own estranged son, and so Conway finds himself deeply invested in his wellbeing.

When a brutal triple-murder takes place in Gus's halfway house, Conway suspects Gus was the intended victim, and resolves to find the killer in his usual full-tilt, no-holds-barred fashion. The list of suspects soon includes the longtime organized-crime warlord of Springfield, Massachusetts; Gus's own father, who's a bundle of insecurity despite his fortune; the father's second wife, a stunning beauty webbed in ugly motives; and a Houston con man who'll swipe your gold fillings but crack you up while he does so.

But the case is no laughing matter to Conway when somebody close to him is murdered. To find the killer and prevent yet more senseless death, he needs help from both an ambitious Brazilian-American state cop, and an unlikely criminal source. Along the way, Conway's personal responsibilities clash with his vow to help fellow alcoholics, forcing him to make his toughest decision yet in this unforgettable page-turner reminiscent of Robert B. Parker and Dennis Lehane.

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“A bloody good yarn, one infused with the blood that binds and the blood that spills. Ulfelder, an amateur race driver and co-owner of a company that builds racecars, once again takes the checkered flag in this gripping and addictive novel.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch

“A real page turner.” —Dayton Daily News

“Outstanding... Ulfelder has constructed the persona of his hard-edged but sympathetic lead carefully enough to ensure a long series run.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Ulfelder's hardscrabble central Massachusetts is a fully realized, unusual setting, and Conway Sax is one of the most interesting, complicated protagonists in the contemporary mystery arena. Exceptional characterization and a quickly zigzagging plot make this a must-read for anyone who loves modern noir. This series is a natural choice for Dennis Lehane fans or for readers who like their antiheroes with a heart of gold.” —Library Journal, starred review

“Ulfelder creates interesting, sometimes flawed characters and this is no more evident than with Sax... Ulfelder gives us several well-placed twists. Don't bet the bank you know whodunnit and what's going to happen next in this book. Chances are you don't.” —Mystery Scene

“This action-packed story moves lightning fast, and Sax makes an appealingly damaged protagonist. Dennis Lehane and Robert B. Parker fans will enjoy Ulfelder.” —Booklist

“Ulfelder hits hard and fast, sometimes below the belt, with his fantastic third Conway Sax novel. Sax is an original: flawed, self-aware and undisciplined. He leads the reader on a merry chase through a maze of suspects until he narrows it down to the real perpetrator.” —RT BOOK Reviews, 4 ½ stars

“Dark, soulful and violent.” —Kirkus

Shotgun Lullaby... [is] Ulfelder's best, most tightly written story so far, following on the successful heels of his first two books, Purgatory Chasm and The Whole Lie.... The book is riveting because Ulfelder knows how to write: His prose is uncluttered, the dialog matches real-life talk and the humor is actually funny, with a welcome absence of wisecracks. Sax is riveting because he's struggling, and we can recognize some of his failings as ours.... In Lullaby, a final harrowing scene brings all of Sax's messy contradictions to bear in one breath-holding moment readers won't soon forget. It's a testament to the author's skill that we keep hoping Sax will pull things together. We want him to slow down and breathe deeply, and we're still on his side. Shotgun Lullaby will make an indelible impression on all readers up for a great ride.” —BookPage

“Gritty, intense, completely original. Ulfelder nails the voice, nails the story, and pushes Conway Sax, his unforgettable main character, beyond his breaking point. Shotgun Lullaby Y is more than just a page-turner of a mystery--it's a masterful study of a good guy gone bad, and his heart-breaking struggle to be good again.” —Hank Phillippi Ryan Agatha, Anthony & Macavity winning author of The Other Woman

“Steve Ulfelder is one of the most street-smart authors writing crime fiction today. Shotgun Lullaby is a thrill ride that hits the gas hard on page one and races all the way to a heart-pounding finish.” —Paul Doiron, author of Bad Little Falls

Shotgun Lullaby is exactly as tough, and exactly as full of heart, as the title suggests. Steve Ulfelder is a major talent.” —Timothy Hallinan, author of The Fear Artist

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Shotgun Lullaby

Shotgun Lullaby