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A Novel of Witches in Paris

Toby Barlow



The year is 1959, and strange events are brewing in Paris, a city where nothing (and no one) is as it seems.

We meet Will, who hails from Detroit and works at an international advertising agency, which is also a front for the CIA. Then there's the enchanting Zoya, who could cast a spell with her looks—and, as a witch, she often does (she also recently impaled her ex on a spike).

Inspector Vidot, on the other hand, is a hardworking police detective who cherishes a quiet evening at home. Until he follows a lead on a particularly gruesome murder—and finds himself turned into a flea. And the adventure wouldn't be complete without Oliver, a fun-loving American patrician who has come to Paris to launch a literary journal with the support of certain secretive friends.

Add a few chance encounters, a chorus of angry witches, and a weaponized LSD program, and you have Toby Barlow's Babayaga: a wickedly sharp tale of the City of Light that's part love story, part thriller, and pure brilliance.

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Book One

When I was living in Paris, we had an expression, a very American one, which in a way explains it better than anything else. We used to say, "Let's take the lead." That meant going off the deep end, diving into the unconscious,...


Witches & Spies: Author Toby Barlow's Babayaga on WDET

Detroit author Toby Barlow’s latest novel, 'Babayaga' comes out on Tuesday. His 2006 debut, 'Sharp Teeth' was published by Harper and received critical acclaim. Academy Award winning filmmaker Danny Boyle plans to adapt it for a screenplay. Barlow tells WDET’s Travis Wright Babayaga is inspired by witches from Eastern European folklore and a lifelong interest in espionage.

Praise for Babayaga

“This supernatural-spy-thriller-romance-history is one of the most entertaining books you'll read [this season]--or decade.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Tolkien meets Graham Greene meets Anne Rice in this wild, surrealistic caper.” —New York magazine

“A fun brew of witches, CIA spies, and fraught romance....Barlow casts a magical spell.” —People

“Barlow is adept at combining unexpected genres....When Barlow began writing fiction, he has said, he was ‘blessed by Plimpton's spirit of making the impossible possible.' This book continues in that tradition: It's an absurd hybrid that winds up as a bewitching caper novel.” —Los Angeles Times

“Toby Barlow is a warlock. Babayaga is his potion. Drink up.” —Robin Sloan, New York Times bestselling author of Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore

In the Press

Americans continue to visit Paris not just for Paris, but for 'Paris,'" Rosecrans Baldwin, author of Paris, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down, wrote in an email. "As if out of some collective nostalgia for what Paris should be, more than what it is." He was writing to Toby Barlow, author of Sharp Teeth and, most recently, Babayaga - FSG's Work in Progress

Toby Barlow relates how memories of his grandfather have informed his new book Babayaga. -

Book review: Toby Barlow's adept combination of unexpected genres conjures a tale of witches, the CIA and a cop-turned-flea in 1950s Paris - Los Angeles Times

'Babayaga' is a saga as multifaceted as Toby Barlow himself, who finds time for a demanding job, civic-minded efforts for his adopted hometown and a part-time role as an op-ed columnist. - Detroit Free Press

Explore the five facets of ad man, novelist and civic booster Toby Barlow. - Detroit Free Press

Hour Detroit Magazine - Sleepless in Shanghai - Team Detroit Creative Director Toby Barlow pens latest novel while dealing with global jet lag - Hour Detroit

So, one morning, I woke up hungover in my Brooklyn apartment. This was years ago now. It was late on a clear summer day, the windows were open and blowing in the sea air from the New York harbor. I was in no great hurry to move. For some reason, I found myself mulling over a recent Hunter S Thompson quote I had read regarding the death of George Plimpton. - FSG's Work in Progress

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