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From the author of the bestselling Girls in Trucks, a gripping testament to the beauty and recklessness of youth

The ancient Italian city of Grifonia swarms with students-thousands of them from all over the world. Ostensibly, they've come to study abroad. But in reality they are here to reinvent themselves, far from the watchful eyes of parents and others who know them well. Taz Deacon arrives young and insecure, desperate to fit in with a group of girls who expose her to an adult world of parties and pleasure that mask a dark secret. Her roommate Claire disapproves of Taz's friends, but engages in her own sensational activities, which both fascinate and shock Taz. As friendships develop and unravel, Taz and Claire become inextricably bound together in a tragic fate that reveals the dark underbelly of this beautiful Italian city.

In Abroad, bestselling novelist Katie Crouch tears a story from international headlines and transforms it into a page-turning parable of modern girlhood, full of longing and reckless behavior.



In my suitcase: three pairs of jeans, six shirts, one practical travel dress, black cotton. One bra, white, trimmed with lace. Three photographs of my cousins and sister; one picture of my parents; two of Babs and me hugging,...


Praise for Abroad

“A psychological thriller that'll make you shiver on a warm summer's night.” —Chicago Tribune Printers Row

“Crouch ventures daringly into dark new terrain… with a psychological grab-your-throat thriller. Crouch gives indelible voice to the murder victim… [and] the novel… holds you in its ever-tightening grip, with a heady mix of history, burning secrets and exquisite language.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Provocative, empathetic.” —New Republic

Abroadi is gorgeously written, with a steady drumbeat of dread infusing every page… It is astonishingly self-assured and perfectly paced without ever taking on a whiff of tabloid sensationalism. Author Katie Crouch captures the intoxicating—and sometimes dangerous—freedom of being a young student with seemingly limitless choices.” —BookPage

“Crouch conveys [her characters] with mastery…. The novel's voice is absolute, its appeal irresistible, and the ending is simultaneously poignant and horrific. Abroad will not disappoint any reader.” —Booklist

“A beautiful commentary on the ephemeral nature of life and love.” —Charleston Magazine

“Katie Crouch's beautiful and haunting novel is so much more than a fictionalized account of a true crime in an Italian college town. It's a guided tour of the winding and sometimes twisted avenues that lead strangers to a place of friendship, love, treachery, and sacrifice. I loved this book.” —Ann Leary, author of The Good House

Abroad is a riveting page-turner populated by vain, destructive, and yet altogether intriguing characters. A tribute to the complexities of youth, a vivid picture of both ancient and modern Italy, and most of all, a complex psychological thriller, Abroad will incite debate, admiration, and awe. ” —Vendela Vida, author of Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name and The Lovers

“Katie Crouch has the artist's gaze that lets her look at a moment as contemporary as a tabloid headline and see the eternal verities within it. Abroad combines her winsomely modern ear with an eye for the perils and ecstasies that have defined young-womanhood across centuries. ” —Jonathan Dee, author of The Privileges

“Katie Crouch's Abroad is as seductive as a chilled Campari on a sunny Italian afternoon. Crouch excels at describing the complex geography of female friendship. Her tale of an innocent abroad mixes murder, lust, and Etruscan mythology into a heady cocktail. ” —Tatjana Soli, New York Times bestselling author of The Lotus Eaters

“From the first page of this cunningly suspenseful, brilliantly imagined novel, you know where you're headed--but then again, you don't. With uncanny psychological precision and a dark, dead-on wit, Katie Crouch explores how the casual follies of youth all too quickly turn tragic. That she does so by blending ancient history with a true-crime story whose twists and turns still claim international headlines makes it all the more powerful. Prepare to be entertained, terrified, and haunted. ” —Julia Glass, National Book Award-winning author of Three Junes

“A classic character study, a strong plot, and taut pacing make this novel a good read. The codas that sit between chapters and hold all that history, true and imagined; the elegant prose; and a deeply human sensibility are what elevate it to an incredible read.” —Chris Abani, author of The Secret History of Las Vegas and The Virgin of Flames

“Katie Crouch's Abroad had me miss an appointment, hide in the bathroom to escape guests and read a few more pages, and finally surrender by getting into bed to feverishly drink this addictive book in one long gulp. Abroad sneakily lures you in with its five alluring women in search of enlightenment--or at least friendship--in a foreign land, and then startles you with its complexity. Crouch is a master writer who captures a provocative news story and then wrestles it, through mythology and history, to stare at death and what lies beyond it.” —Deb Olin Unferth, author of Vacation

“Crouch skillfully explores how the influence of peer pressure and the desire to be accepted impacts insecure young women.... The author presents a riveting look into the social dynamics of young women freed from the social dictates of their childhood homes.” —Library Journal

“From her opening line . . . Crouch grabs you and never lets go.” —Meredith Maran, People On Men and Dogs

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About the author

Katie Crouch

Katie Crouch is the New York Times bestselling author of Girls in Trucks, among other novels. She contributes to The Guardian, McSweeney's, Tin House, Slate, the Rumpus, and Salon. A MacDowell fellow, Crouch teaches at San Francisco State University and lives in Bolinas, California.

Katie Crouch

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