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Another Side of Bob Dylan

A Personal History on the Road and off the Tracks

Author: Victor Maymudes; Co-written and Edited by Jacob Maymudes

Another Side of Bob Dylan

Another Side of Bob Dylan


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A Los Angeles Times bestseller: A memoir by Bob Dylan's former tour manager, and one of his closest personal friends and confidants.

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A vivid, first-hand account of Nobel Prize-winning singer and songwriter Bob Dylan as an artist, friend, and celebrity, illustrated with never-before-seen photographs, and told by an engaging raconteur who cut his own swathe through the turbulent counterculture.

August 2014 marks 50 years since Bob Dylan released his fourth album, Another Side of Bob Dylan. Recorded in one night, in the middle of a turbulent year in his life, the music marked a departure from Dylan's socially-conscious folk songs and began his evolution toward other directions.

During the years they spent together, few people outside of Dylan's immediate family were closer than Victor Maymudes, who was Dylan's tour manager, personal friend, and travelling companion from the early days in 1960s Greenwich Village through the late 90's. Another Side of Bob Dylan recounts landmark events including Dylan's infamous motorcycle crash; meeting the Beatles on their first US tour; his marriage to Sara Lownds, his romances with Suze Rotolo, Joan Baez, and others; fellow travelers Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Wavy Gravy, Dennis Hopper, The Band, The Traveling Wilburys, and more; memorable concerts, and insights on Dylan's songwriting process.

On January 26th, 2001, after recording more than 24 hours of taped memories in preparation for writing this book, Victor Maymudes suffered an aneurysm and died. His son Jacob has written the book, using the tapes to shape the story.

A Los Angeles Times Best Seller.

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St. Martin's Griffin



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“A posthumous memoir drawn from tapes of one-time Dylan insider Victor Maymudes…with such intimate exposure, Dylan remains unknowable but interesting.” —New York Daily News

“An unusual addition to the giant Dylan oeuvre…an intimate, conversational account of Victor's tempestuous friendship with Mr. Dylan.” —The New York Times

“We are reminded yet again that Dylan remains as meaningful as he was 50 years ago.” —Narendra Kusnur,  

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Another Side of Bob Dylan

Another Side of Bob Dylan