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The Misfits Club

The Misfits Club

Kieran Crowley

Feiwel & Friends


Only misfits can solve this mystery!

Nothing exciting everhappens in the small town of Newpark where Brian, Hannah, and twins Chris andSam live. And when they start their summer vacation, they know it’s the end ofan era. The Misfits Club, a club they started when they were 8 years old, is disbanding and they still haven’t managed to solve any real mysteries.

But when they persuade new club member Amelia to go and investigate a spooky old house, they unexpectedly discover some stolen goods.

Could this be their chance for one last adventure? One thing is for sure though: Newpark is decidedly more exciting now.


“You’re dead.”

The thing nobody had ever told Brian about being chased was that it was fun. It was terrifying, too, but that was part of the fun. Of course, the fact that he was on a bicycle, his trusty old Stringer White...

Praise for The Misfits Club

"Entries from Amelia’s journal, news clippings, and cases from the Misfits’ casebook files are interspersed throughout the book, adding to the mystery, humor and the fun. Each of the kids has something to contribute to the group, and together they help each other deal with the changes they are each experiencing within their families. Filled with adventure until the very last page and with incredible humor that will have readers laughing out loud, this action-packed, entertaining read is perfect for mystery fans."--Booklist, starred review

"Offers plenty of high jinks once it gets going, including a denouement featuring a honey badger."–School Library Journal


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Kieran Crowley

Kieran Crowley is from Corkin Ireland. His first book, Colm & the Lazarus Key was shortlisted for the Bisto Children's Book of the Year Award 2010 and was followed by a sequel, Colm & The Ghost's Revenge. He is also the author of The Mighty Dynamo.

Kieran Crowley

Feiwel & Friends

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