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Pogue's Basics: Money

Pogue's Basics: Money

Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) About Beating the System

Pogue's Basics

David Pogue

Flatiron Books


Want to know where you can buy $100 iTunes gift cards for $85?
Did you know you can pay your taxes by using a cash-back credit card?
Why are you still paying $235 a year to rent your cable box?

You're leaving money on the table every day, with every transaction you make: changing your oil, withdrawing ATM cash, booking flights, buying insurance, shopping for clothes, squirting toothpaste. But in Pogue's Basics: Money, the third book of this New York Times bestselling series, David Pogue proves that information is money. Each of his 150 simple tips and tricks includes a ballpark estimate of the money you could make or save. Okay, you won't use every tip in the book—but if you did, you'd come ahead by $61,195 a year.

Praise for Pogue's Basics: Money

"David Pogue is back with the third installment in his bestselling series. This time, Pogue fills the pages with lesser known tips on how to save and make money.... Whatever it is, Pogue has the inside scoop on how to get it done." —Atlanta Journal-Constitution -

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David Pogue

DAVID POGUE is a New York Times bestselling author who has more than 1.5 million followers on Twitter, has given four TED talks, and is the founder of Yahoo Tech, a consumer-technology site for non-technicians. He writes a monthly column for Scientific American, and for thirteen years, he wrote the tech column for The New York Times. Pogue also hosts science shows on PBS's NOVA and appears frequently on CBS Sunday Morning. He has won three Emmys, two Webby Awards, and a Loeb Award for journalism. He's written eighty books, including the previous books in the series, Pogue's Basics: Life and Pogue's Basics: Tech.

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