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The Last Iota

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Author: Robert Kroese

The Last Iota

The Last Iota

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The year is 2039, and Los Angeles is poised between order and chaos. After the Collapse of 2028, a vast section of LA, now known as the Disincorporated Zone, was disowned by the civil authorities...

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The year is 2039, and Los Angeles is poised between order and chaos. After the Collapse of 2028, a vast section of LA, now known as the Disincorporated Zone, was disowned by the civil authorities and became a de facto third world country within the borders of the city.

Navigating the boundaries between DZ and LA proper is a tricky task, and there’s no one better suited than eccentric private investigator Erasmus Keane. So when movie mogul Selah Fiore decides she needs to get her hands on a rare coin lost somewhere in the city, she knows Keane is the man for the job.

But while the erratic Keane and his more sensible partner Blake Fowler struggle to unravel the mystery of the elusive coins, Blake’s girlfriend Gwen goes missing and Selah Fiore turns up murdered. Both of these crimes seem to be linked to the coins—and to an untraceable virtual currency called iotas, used by drug dealers and terrorist networks.

Framed for Selah’s murder and desperate to find Gwen, Keane and Fowler must outwit DZ warlords, outmaneuver a reclusive billionaire, and stay a step ahead of the police while they gradually uncover the truth about iotas. Soon the clues begin to point to a conspiracy at the highest levels of government—and to a mysterious trickster who has orchestrated it all. As the DZ devolves into chaos and another Collapse seems to loom, Blake Fowler realizes that the brilliant Erasmus Keane may have finally met his match.

Set in the world of The Big Sheep, Robert Kroese delivers another dystopian adventure novel full of wit and intrigue.

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Thomas Dunne Books



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"Kroese gifts readers with his gripping second mystery set in 2039 Los Angeles (after 2016’s The Big Sheep), another sophisticated blend of science fiction and crime.... The plot twists are both logical and surprising, with developments and motivations straight out of classic L.A. noir. Every part of the book simply works. The compelling story, memorable leads, and imaginative worldbuilding suggest the series has a long and promising future." —Publishers Weekly (starred review) on The Last Iota

"This is a riverting tale of action and intrigue, and readers won't be able to put it down." —Booklist on the The Last Iota

“As original a plot as I’ve run across in a long time. The Big Sheep is a sheer delight!” —Hugh Howey, New York Times bestselling author of Wool

“A riveting, hallucinatory joy-ride into a dangerous future by a terrific author writing at the top of his game.” —Vincent Zandri, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Remains and When Shadows Come

"Fun, fast, and addictive. Kroese gives us a sci-fi /noir detective story that manages to catch the reader off guard again and again." —Peter Clines, author of The Fold, 14, and the Ex-Heroes series
"An enthralling blend of sci-fi and noir, The Big Sheep left me salivating for a second helping of Erasmus Keane's adventures." —Rick Gualtieri, author of The Tome of Bill series

"Kroese demonstrates his creative imaginative world-building in this sci-fi mystery series debut set in 2039 Los Angeles." — Publishers Weekly

“Clever, wry, and not above a little groan-inducing wordplay of the very best kind… a tale of our miserable tomorrow that's simultaneously sobering and fun.” —NPR Books

“I really hope there will be a sequel because I really want to know what happens next! …just believe me when I say if you like mysteries blended with just a dollop of science fiction.”– I would place money on you enjoying this book!”—Seattle Mystery Bookshop

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The Last Iota

The Last Iota