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Microsaurs: Beware the Tiny-Spino

Microsaurs: Beware the Tiny-Spino

Microsaurs (Volume 5)

Dustin Hansen

Feiwel & Friends


Disaster awaits when the most annoying girl in school discovers the existence of our favorite tiny dinosaurs in the fifth installment of Dustin Hansen's illustrated chapter book series.

Vicky Van Varbles, AKA Lin's nemesis, AKA the most annoying person on the planet, has discovered the microterium! Lin is convinced that this is the Worst. Thing. EVER! Vicky has never kept a secret in her life. The only solution is to trap her in a bug jar for the rest of eternity.

But Danny has a different plan . . . if they can induct Vicky into the (newly created) International Microsaur Protection Agency, he's sure she can be convinced to keep their secret. But first Vicky has to pass Lin's increasingly difficult and dangerous tests . . . If Danny can't get Lin and Vicky to work together, then the microsaurs really might be doomed!



Some days you wake up with absolutely nothing to do. You have time to catch up on your comic books. Maybe watch a little TV.

Today was not one of those days.


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Dustin Hansen

Dustin Hansen author of Game On! and the Microsaurs series, was raised in rural Utah where he spent many days hiking red rock canyons that once belonged to the dinosaurs. After studying art at Snow College, Dustin began working in the video game industry, where he has been following his passions of art and writing for more than twenty years. When not writing or making video games, Dustin can often be found hiking with his family in the same canyons he grew up in, with a sketchbook in his pocket, a new idea in his mind, and a well-stocked backpack over his shoulders.

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