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The Great Disruption

The Great Disruption

Competing and Surviving in the Second Wave of the Industrial Revolution

Rick Smith with Mitch Free

Thomas Dunne Books


The Great Disruption reveals how 3D printing manufacturing will transform the world in the same way that Henry Ford’s Model T upended transportation or Gutenberg’s printing press started an information revolution. It traces both the impact of this disruption as it rapidly spreads around the world and affects every kind of industry imaginable, while detailing specific steps that can and should be taken right now to prepare.

The 3D manufacturing revolution is pervasive and growing rapidly, and includes such major breakthroughs as:

- A machine in Amsterdam that can 3D print a bridge over a canal underneath it using no support or scaffolding
- A global auto manufacturer designing a car that automatically changes its physical shape and structure in response to current driving conditions
- A scientist in London experimenting with 3D printing material that is two hundred times stronger than steel
- A Harvard researcher who is 3D printing batteries the size of a single grain of sand
- An astronaut who is printing replacement parts in space—and a shipping executive who is doing the same thing on cargo ships

In exploring this radical future, The Great Disruption shows how we can position ourselves to successfully navigate this historic shift to our greatest benefit.




The future ain’t what it used to be.


FOR GE, THE ICONIC GLOBAL industrial company founded by Thomas Edison,...

Praise for The Great Disruption

"A compelling argument for why leaders in every industry need to understand 3D printing ­and why they need that understanding now. 3D printing is no longer gee-whiz technology, it's the way your business and industry is being forever disrupted."
—Alan Gershenhorn, Chief Commercial Officer for UPS

“A must-read for anyone trying to stay ahead of the sweeping technology changes disrupting all industries.”
—Beth Comstock, Vice Chairman of GE

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Rick Smith with Mitch Free

RICK SMITH is the author of the Wall Street Journal bestsellers The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers and The Leap. MITCH FREE is an entrepreneur, digital manufacturing guru, and global trade expert. The two cofounded Fast Radius, an industrial 3D printing company, and are co-founders of the Global Coalition on Additive Manufacturing, bringing together executives to explore the implications of 3D printing and manufacturing for their businesses and industries.

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