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The Double Life of Fidel Castro

My 17 Years as Personal Bodyguard to El Lider Maximo

Author: Juan Reinaldo Sanchez with Axel Gyldén; Translation by Catherine Spencer

The Double Life of Fidel Castro

The Double Life of Fidel Castro


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A revelatory memoir of the 17 years Juan Sanchez spent as one of Fidel Castro's personal soldiers, in his innermost circle
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In The Double Life of Fidel Castro, one of Castro’s soldiers of seventeen years breaks his silence and shares his memoirs of his years of service, his eventual imprisonment and torture for displeasing the notorious dictator, and his dramatic escape from Cuba.

Responsible for protecting the Líder Máximo for two decades, Juan Reinaldo Sánchez was party to his secret life: from the ghost town in which guerrillas from several continents were trained; to Castro’s immense personal fortune, including a huge property portfolio, a secret paradise island, and seizure of public money; as well as his relationship with his family and his nine children from five different partners.

Sánchez’s tell-all exposé reveals countless state secrets and the many sides of the Cuban monarch: genius war leader in Nicaragua and Angola, paranoid autocrat at home, master spy, Machiavellian diplomat, and accomplice to drug traffickers. This extraordinary testimony makes us reexamine everything we thought we knew about the Cuban story and Fidel Castro Ruz.

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"Explosive." —BBC

"Remarkable revelations! Fidel Castro's worst hypocrisies, regal indulgences, and narcissistic excess are bared by his former chief bodyguard. Sanchez, and respected French journalist Gyldén, depict the Cuban leader as no writers ever have before." —Brian Latell, author of After Fidel and Castro’s Secrets

"Sánchez's nonstop revelations, energetic voice, and cognitive dissonance are liable to entertain and intrigue almost any audience."—Library Journal

“Sánchez’s account shows the real Castro. Vengeful, self-absorbed, and given to childish temper tantrums—aka ‘tropical storms’ . . . The book is timely.” —The Wall Street Journal

“Juan Reinaldo Sánchez exposes the drug dealing and deception of the former Cuban president.” —

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The Double Life of Fidel Castro

The Double Life of Fidel Castro