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Best Intentions

Best Intentions

A Novel

Erika Raskin

St. Martin's Press


Best Intentions is that rare novel that grows more gripping and emotionally rich with every turn of the page.” —Carla Buckley

Marti Trailor—social worker on hold, mother of three, wife of a successful obstetrician, daughter of a Congressman—is ready to go back to work. She’s thrilled when the perfect opportunity falls in her lap. The catch? The job is at her husband's hospital and he seems not to share her enthusiasm. Undeterred, she takes the position counseling vulnerable young women as they prepare to give birth.

Marti quickly begins to feel like she is making a difference in the lives of her clients. Soon, though, she finds herself caught up in the dark side of the medical center—with its long hours, overworked doctors and entrenched practices. When she witnesses something she can't unsee, Marti, who has always done her best to keep a low-profile, finds herself thrust under a dangerous spotlight with all of Richmond, Virginia watching.

In her captivating domestic suspense novel Best Intentions, Erika Raskin weaves together high stakes hospital politics, the pressures of family life, and the consequences of trying to do the right thing, particularly in a city with a history as fraught as Richmond's.


If I were writing up case notes on the events that brought me here, the record would start with last year’s Spring Fling—which is pretty sad, since I’d been looking forward to the annual party for a very long...

Praise for Best Intentions

“Marti Trailor is smart, funny, wonderfully self-effacing, and brave. She’s the mother every woman wishes she could be. And, somehow, she’s being tried for murder… Best Intentions is a glorious, well written page turner!”—Martha Woodroof, author of Small Blessings

“Erika Raskin’s razor-sharp, deeply moving novel of domestic suspense, shifting back and forth in time and featuring fully realized, flesh-and-blood characters, kept me guessing right up to the last chapter.” —A.J. Banner, international bestselling author of The Good Neighbor

“A story about race, privilege, and one woman’s determination to protect those who can’t protect themselves, even at the risk of losing everything she most loves. Erika Raskin kept me guessing and entranced until the very end.”—Carla Buckley, author of The Deepest Secret

"Raskin’s new novel confronts its relatable heroine with an impossible dilemma, then turns up the heat as she fights for everything she holds dear. For a novel juicy enough to keep you up well past your bedtime, Best Intentions cleaves admirably to its strong social conscience."—Sophie Littlefield, author of A Bad Day for Sorry


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Erika Raskin

ERIKA RASKIN is a writer from Charlottesville, Virginia. A mother and (young) grandmother, she’s married to a doctor. Her first novel, Close, came out in 2014.

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Eden Raskin Jenkins

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