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In the Crosshairs

In the Crosshairs

A Kyle Swanson Sniper Novel

Kyle Swanson Sniper Novels (Volume 10)

Jack Coughlin and Donald A. Davis

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In In the Crosshairs, a former Russian sniper who worked for the CIA goes rogue, and Kyle Swanson must stop him before undercover operations are exposed.


The Central Intelligence Agency is under attack—as is its top man in the field, Kyle Swanson. The highly decorated former Marine Corps gunnery sergeant is attending the funeral of a friend when a terrorist blows up the grave. A week later, Kyle narrowly survives a grenade attack in Berlin. Now Washington is being told that Kyle has been turned, his private employer is corrupt, and the Agency itself cannot be trusted. Assigned to get to the root of the problem, Kyle is teamed up with Luke Gibson, an operative known to be almost as skilled as he is.

Luke and Kyle are trying to find a former top-level Russian sniper who worked for the CIA before going rogue. Their mission will take them from the U.S. to the poppy fields of Afghanistan to the jungles of Southeast Asia before they learn about a shadowy power broker known as the Prince, who uses CIA planes to transport opium and heroin. To eliminate him, Kyle must enlist the services of Beth Ledford, the beautiful—and vengeful—former commando whose husband’s grave was desecrated. Now, at the worst possible moment in a combat showdown, Kyle must decide: Who is his true partner on this mission? And who, if anyone, can he trust?

“Coughlin and Davis’ series only gets better with each installment.” —Booklist




THEY WERE BURYING COLONEL Francisco Miguel Castillo of the Mexican Marines today. The funeral was a peculiar affair, because the dark secrets of Mickey Castillo were no secrets...

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Jack Coughlin and Donald A. Davis

GUNNERY SERGEANT JACK COUGHLIN was with the Third Battalion, Fourth Marines during the drive to Baghdad and has operated on a wide range of assignments in hotspots around the world.

DONALD A. DAVIS is the author of multiple New York Times bestsellers.

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Sgt. Jack Coughlin

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