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Wild Child: Forest's First Day of School

Wild Child: Forest's First Day of School

Wild Child (Volume 2)

Tara Zann; illustrated by Dan Widdowson




Trade Paperback

In the second book in this wildly funny chapter book series, a shy girl is force into the spotlight when a wild boy goes to school for the first time!

At school, Olive expects her best friend Forest to be a “nobody,” just like her, but Forest isn’t one for standing on the sidelines—more like standing on the desks! His shenanigans transform boring school into a wild habitat filled with food fights and morning bird calls, and everyone loves it…everyone except for Olive. How did Forest make friends so fast?

When they end up on stage in the school play, Olive is nervous about being in the spotlight, something Forest knows well—this time, it’s up to Forest to teach Olive!

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On the first day of school, Olive Regle didn’t mind that her older brother, Ryan, walked ten steps ahead of her because he was too cool to walk next to his little sister. Last year it bothered her,...


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About the author

Tara Zann; illustrated by Dan Widdowson

Tara Zann can't imagine living in a place without tall trees. Just like Forest from her chapter book series, Wild Child, she has a spirit of adventure, though she might use a zip line instead of swinging from tree to tree on a long, dangling vine. She has no official pets, but dozens of creatures tend to stop by her backyard treehouse on a regular basis.

Dan Widdowson is a children’s illustrator from Loughborough, England. He graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2014, and he has been working on children’s illustration projects ever since. Dan has a keen interest in storytelling and narrative. Some of his many clients include Simon & Schuster, Capstone, Oxford University Press, and Templar.

Tara Zann

Tara Zann

Dan Widdowson