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The Fair Trade Fraud

The Fair Trade Fraud

How Congress Pillages the Consumer and Decimates American Competitiveness

James Bovard

St. Martin's Griffin



The Fair Trade Fraud by author James Bovard is a direct attack on US trade policies and on the principle of political control of trade.

James Bovard exposed the political and moral core of protectionism, demonstrating that politicians cannot make trade more fair by making it less free.

"A disturbing work on a timely topic." --Library Journal

Praise for The Fair Trade Fraud

“A disturbing work on a timely topic.” —Library Journal

“Bovard offers a smashing condemnation of American trade policy and exposes the corrupt core of protectionism and the absurdity of Congress making trade more 'fair' by making it less 'free'. . . . (shows) how arbitrary and ultimately counterproductive and restrictive our trade practices are.” —The Wall Street Journal


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James Bovard

James Bovard is the author of Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty, Shakedown, and The Fair Trade Fraud.

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