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¡Bravo! (Spanish language edition)

Poemas sobre Hispanos Extraordinarios

Author: Margarita Engle; illustrations by Rafael Lopez

¡Bravo! (Spanish language edition)

¡Bravo! (Spanish language edition)


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Con poemas traducidos por Margarita Engle, ¡Bravo! brilla en esta versión al español.

Músico, botánico, jugador de béisbol, piloto—los Latinos incluidos...

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Con poemas traducidos por Margarita Engle, ¡Bravo! brilla en esta versión al español.

Músico, botánico, jugador de béisbol, piloto—los Latinos incluidos en esta colección provienen de muchos países diferentes y de muchos backgrounds diferentes. ¡Celebre sus logros y sus contribuciones a la historia colectiva y a una comunidad la cual continúa evolucionando y prospera el día de hoy!

¡Bravo! incluye poemas biográficos sobre: Aida de Acosta, Arnold Rojas, Baruj Benacerraf, César Chávez, Fabiola Cabeza de Baca, Félix Varela, George Meléndez, José Martí, Juan de Miralles, Juana Briones, Julia de Burgos, Louis Agassiz Fuertes, Paulina Pedroso, Pura Belpré, Roberto Clemente, Tito Puente, Ynes Mexia, Tomás Rivera

¡Bravo! is also available in English-language editions.

Musician, botanist, baseball player, pilot—the Latinos featured in Bravo!, by author Margarita Engle and illustrator Rafael López, come from many different countries and from many different backgrounds.

Celebrate their accomplishments and their contributions to a collective history and a community that continues to evolve and thrive today!

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Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)



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"Lopez's bright portraits of notable Hispanics have the large scale and graphic discipline of poster art, while Engle manages to compress the sweep of a biography into a sharp, compact free-verse poem about each life, from childhood on. Some are famous [...] All faced challenges [...] and made lasting contributions." —New York Times Book Review on Bravo!

"this book is a welcome addition to schools and libraries, as it expands the canon of historically significant individuals in the United States in such a lyrical and aesthetically pleasing manner." —School Library Journal, starred review, on Bravo!

"This book features the lives of a variety of Latinos who faced life's challenges with aplomb and in their own ways. . . each person is stunningly portrayed in López's strong and vibrant style; opposite is a first-person biographical poem that provides a glimpse into its subject's life." —Kirkus Reviews on Bravo!

"López (who illustrated Engle’s Drum Dream Girl) creates bold, dramatic portraits of the subjects, which include José Martí, Pura Belpré, Tito Puente, and César Chávez. Capsule biographies are a welcome supplement to the poems" —Publishers Weekly on Bravo!

The Poet Slave of Cuba

"An absolutely lovely book . . . that should be read by young and old, black and white, Anglo and Latino." —School Library Journal, starred review

"Readers will hear the stories—and never forget them." —Booklist, starred review

"The moving poetry and finely crafted story will draw readers in and leave them in tears and in awe." —The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, starred review

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¡Bravo! (Spanish language edition)

¡Bravo! (Spanish language edition)