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H. A. Swain

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A futuristic thriller about the colonization of and culture clashes between the Moon and Earth from H.A. Swain, the author of Hungry and Gifted.

Sol is the month between June and July on the thirteen-month Moon calendar. It's the only time teenagers have to themselves between rigorous scientific training and their ultimate lab assignments in their colony on the Moon. Their families emigrated from Earth to build better lives; but life on the Moon is far from perfect, as Uma learns on the eve of Sol.

Uma meets an Earthen girl who becomes a fast friend, and much more. What Uma doesn't know is that the girl is assigned to infect Uma with a plague that a rogue faction of Earthen scientists hope will wipe out Moon soldiers. Will Uma be the cause of a pandemic? Whom can she trust, and moreover, whom does she love?



HOLOGRAM OR REAL? I think-text to Kepler, who’s scrunched in the seat beside me as usual, his limbs folded like telescoping landing legs to fit in the cramped space of the small...

Praise for SuperMoon

"In this star-crossed romance, two teenage girls—one from Earth, one from the Moon—forge an unexpected connection, but the secrets they hold threaten to derail a happily ever after. After defying orders and sneaking away from the lunar colony where she’s lived for the past decade, Uma Jamison revisits Earth, where she was born. While there, she encounters Talitha Neva, who makes a living as a scavenger and pseudo-celebrity streamer in AlphaZonia, a privatized city catering to the rich and spoiled."--Publishers Weekly -

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H. A. Swain

H. A. Swain is the author of the futuristic thrillers Hungry and Gifted, as well as the picture books All Kinds of Kisses and How Many Hugs (published as Heather Swain). She lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York.

Feiwel & Friends

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