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The Fairies of Honeysuckle Hollow

The Fairies of Honeysuckle Hollow

Robyn Frampton; illustrated by Laura K. Horton



The Fairies of Honeysuckle Hollow by Robyn Frampton is a heartwarming, whimsical picture book about a girl who makes friends with a fairy and earns her own fairy wings, featuring illustrations by Laura K. Horton.

Let me tell you a secret of the magical kind.
Step into the forest and open your mind.
In forests, in glens, near water and flowers,
magical creatures play at all hours . . .

One magical day in the woods, a young girl encounters a fairy who needs help. Showing kindness to someone in need earns her an invitation to visit Honeysuckle Hollow, where the girl’s good heart earns her a set of fairy wings, a gift from the fairy queen.

Young readers can follow the Fairy Code of Kindness to share the magic!

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Robyn Frampton; illustrated by Laura K. Horton

Robyn Frampton is the creative force behind the mystery of Firefly Forest, a project she began in 2013 as part of her personal journey toward hope and healing. A self-taught carpenter, she individually carved and placed each door along a well-traveled, picturesque trail in the heart of America with the help of her young sons. She continues to create magical spaces, and her work has recently been featured in the award-winning documentary The Gnomist which aired on CNN in 2015. Robyn and her sons now reside in Utah. She is the author of Firefly Forest.

Having grown up with two rowdy older brothers, a vast collection of books and a muddy creek in the backyard, illustrator Laura K. Horton has always had a passion for family, creativity and imagination. Laura earned her BFA in illustration and animation from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. When she's not working, Laura can be found drinking tea, reading, and game designing. She recently obtained her MA from Aalto University, Finland and now lives in Seattle, Washington. Laura is the illustrator of Kirsten Mayer's Game of Gnomes and Go BIG or Go Gnome!

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Laura K. Horton