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Trumpet of Death

Trumpet of Death

A Martha's Vineyard Mystery

Martha's Vineyard Mysteries (Volume 13)

Cynthia Riggs

Minotaur Books




When 92-year-old poet/sleuth Victoria Trumbull takes her city-bred tenant Zack Zeller on a nature walk on one of Martha’s Vineyard’s conservation areas and shows him a mushroom she calls black trumpet of death, he’s sure he's found the way to rid himself of his troublesome girlfriend, Samantha. But the mushrooms he's given Samantha end up on her daddy's dinner table, and Zack, one of the invited guests, is sure he’s doomed the diners to an untimely death.

Meanwhile, dead bodies are cropping up on the Island. The police have questions about the identity of the culprit and call upon Victoria Trumbull, who knows the Island and its inhabitants intimately. Will she be able to find the truth and clear the name of someone close to her before the murderer finds its next victim?

In addition to giving us more of the eccentric cast of characters and quirky plot we love, Trumpet of Death, the 13th book in Cynthia Riggs' Martha’s Vineyard mystery series, describes in loving detail little-known parts of the Island that visitors seldom see.



Victoria Trumbull rapped on the door to the stairway that led up to the small attic room above the kitchen. She’d rented the room to a nice young man from off-Island named Zack Zeller. She heard a sleepy grunt. The bed groaned,...


Praise for Trumpet of Death

Praise for Martha's Vineyard Mystery Series:

"Satisfying... Fans of darker cozies will enjoy Riggs’s blend of crime, island lore, and well-drawn characters." —Publishers Weekly on Trumpet of Death

"Riggs’ pleasantly old-fashioned sleuth is still clever enough to come up with a surprising culprit in another graceful homage to the island both she and her author call home." —Kirkus Reviews on Trumpet of Death

"People are so nice in West Tisbury that even the villains seem less than evil — more like seriously naughty." — The New York Times

"Riggs' pleastantly old-fashioned sleuth is still clever enough to come up with a surprising culprit in another graceful homage to the island both she and her author call home." —Kirkus Reviews on Trumpet of Death

"Riggs, who describes the beauties of her acerbic sleuth's island home as lovingly as ever, provides a...satisfying conclusion." - Kirkus on Bloodroot

"There are many levels on which to enjoy Cynthia Riggs's latest mystery....There is the twisting and turning plot of a good murder mystery. And there is prose, beautifully written, by a wonderful writer." —The Martha's Vineyard Times on Indian Pipes

"This smoothly executed, fun read contrasts the beauty of Martha's Vineyard with the drama of the unsolved murders. Readers will adore Victoria, a smart and witty sleuth who's as crafty as she is charismatic." —RT Book Reviews on Paperwhite Narcissus

"Victoria Trumbull is the senior citizen we all pray to become." —Kingston Observer on Paperwhite Narcissus

"The author’s artistry is in the unfolding of plot and subplots that wind back on themselves like the bittersweet vine that abounds here...The success of the Victoria Trumbull series, seems to me, is that Ms. Riggs tells her tales with nuance and detail." - Martha's Vineyard Times

"Delightful...a cozy that celebrates the springtime beauty of the island as well as its quirky, endearing residents." -Publishers Weekly on Touch-Me-Not

"Riggs' character development and her lovely descriptions will have readers longing for both a trip to Martha's Vineyard and the next book in the series." -Booklist on Death and Honesty

"Lovely descriptions of the Vineyard in the fall, plenty of suspenseful action and a cast of eccentric supporting make this another winner." -Publishers Weekly on Indian Pipes

"What makes the Riggs series stand out is the age of its practical sleuth, Victoria Trumbull. The redoubtable Victoria is all of ninety-two years old, and yet the decades haven't slowed her by so much as a pace." — The Strand Magazine

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About the author

Cynthia Riggs

CYNTHIA RIGGS is the author of more than a dozen books in the Martha’s Vineyard mystery series featuring 92-year-old poet, Victoria Trumbull, a guidebook called Victoria Trumbull’s Martha’s Vineyard, and the first book of a new series set in Washington, DC. She was born on Martha’s Vineyard and is the eighth generation to live in her family homestead which she runs as a bed and breakfast catering to poets, writers, and other creative people. She lives in West Tisbury, Massachusetts.

Cynthia Riggs

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