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Red Square, 1985. The naked body of a young man is left outside the walls of the Kremlin, frozen solid—like marble to the touch—missing the little finger from his right hand.

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Red Square, 1985. The naked body of a young man is left outside the walls of the Kremlin, frozen solid—like marble to the touch—missing the little finger from his right hand.

A week later, Alex Marston, the headstrong fifteen-year-old daughter of the British Ambassador, disappears. Army Intelligence Officer Tom Fox, posted to Moscow to keep him from telling the truth to a government committee, is asked to help find her. It’s a shot at redemption.

But Russia is reluctant to give up the worst of her secrets. As Fox’s investigation sees him dragged deeper towards the dark heart of a Soviet establishment determined to protect its own, his fears for Alex’s safety grow with those of the girl’s father.

And if Fox can’t find her soon, she looks likely to become the next victim of a sadistic killer whose story is bound tight to that of his country’s terrible past...

Moskva is a brilliantly written, chilling and sophisticated the first serial killer thriller by two-time BSFA winner Jon Courtenay Grimwood.

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"This is the first thriller written by the speculative-fiction writer also known as Jon Courtenay Grimwood, and it demonstrates that great storytelling is not bound by genre." —Booklist (starred review)

"Martin Cruz Smith fans will be pleased." —Publishers Weekly

“Given that the definitive thriller in 1980’s Moscow already exists (Martin Cruz Smith’s Gorky Park), Jack Grimwood’s Moskva looks like a crazy gamble. But it’s one that comes off...” —Sunday Times (UK)

“Even better than Child 44.” —Telegraph (UK)

“A compulsive and supremely intelligent thriller from a master stylist.” —Michael Marshall, author of The Straw Men

“A first-rate thriller -Moskva grips from the very first page. Heartily recommended.” —William Ryan, author of The Twelfth Department

"Hard to know what to praise first: the operatic sweep of this mesmerising novel; the surefooted orchestration of tension; or the vividly realised sense of time and place..." — Financial Times (UK)

'Jack Grimwood is a respected science-fiction writer making his debut in thriller-land, and how splendidly he’s mastered the switch… Excellent.' — The Times (UK)

This dark political thriller is a remarkable feat. Highly Recommended.’— Ali Karim, Shots Mag

'With impeccable plotting, research and narrative tension, Grimwood has produced one of the best Soviet set thrillers I have read… Add to your wish list now.’— Raven Crime Reads

'Tom Fox is well drawn, the action scenes filled with energy and tension, but the real hero of Moskva is Russia itself, bleak, corrupt, falling apart, but with an incurable humanity.’ — Tom Callaghan

'Moskva has quite enough going for it to make comparisons futile. It is a bleak and bloody thriller with a serpentine plot which I think I almost followed…’— Getting Away With Murder

'Something special in the arena of international thrillers.’ — Crime Time

'Memorable characters, powerful recreations of history and an unrelenting pace that will keep you breathless. A striking debut in the genre.’ — Maxim Jakubowski

‘Richly layered, stylish, beautifully constructed, and full of passion beneath the chills… Not to be missed.’ — Sarah Pinborough

‘A sublime writer… I felt glimmers of Le Carré shining through the prose.’ — CrimeSquad

'A first-rate thriller. Moskva grips from the very first page.’ — William Ryan

‘Cool, cruel and elegant.’ — Tom Pollock

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