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Hail to the Chin

Hail to the Chin

Further Confessions of a B Movie Actor

Bruce Campbell

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Introduction by New York Times bestselling author and famous minor television personality John Hodgman

Hail to the Chin is the new raucous and sardonic memoir from Bruce Campbell, a follow-up to the New York Times bestselling If Chins Could Kill. It’s been 15 years since his first memoir but Bruce is still living the dream as a "B" movie king in an "A" movie world.

Bruce Campbell makes his triumphant return from where he left off in If Chins Could Kill with further hilarious, gut-wrenchingly honest confessions.

Bruce brings us through his life in the decade since his first memoir and his roles as varied as they are numerous- from his roles in the Spider-Man movies to his self-referential My Name is Bruce to his role on #1 show Burn Notice and his new STARZ hit series Ash vs Evil Dead.

Over the last 15 years, Bruce has become a regular on the Wizard World convention circuit, has created his @GroovyBruce twitter account with over 400,000 followers and a Facebook page with almost 250,000 likes. His profile and reach is lightyears beyond where it was for Chins.

Hail to the Chin will be bursting with pictures and the signature humor that Bruce brought to If Chins Could Kill and will be devoured by his legions of fans across the country.


Praise for Hail to the Chin

"Campbell is an amusing raconteur, sharing stories about shooting the indie film My Name Is Bruce in his backyard, working on his old friend Sam Raimi’s Spiderman movies, and spending seven seasons on Burn Notice. Whether he is describing dealing with torn hamstrings during the Burn Notice shoot or crossing playing Santa Claus and Ronald Reagan off his bucket list, Campbell is always entertaining, and his smart-ass style makes for a groovy ride. He ends his book with his thoughts on both the Evil Dead movie remake and his current Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series. Fans will eagerly await a sequel." —Publishers Weekly

"Whether recounting his life in the boondocks of south Oregon or the making of the dud The Man with the Screaming Brain in Bulgaria, Campbell, backed by co-author Sanborn, and his B-movie anecdotes, are thoroughly engaging and witty." —Booklist

"Campbell sheds further light on the (decidedly unglamorous) existence of a B-list actor, and fans of his work will undoubtedly be excited to read more from the enigmatic movie star.... Chock-full of amusing anecdotes about the underappreciated B-list movie industry. Hand to admirers of Campbell's previous book and fans of the talkies." —Library Journal

"A breezy read through a breezy life." —Kirkus Reviews

Praise for If Chins Could Kill
“The book offers insights into the world of independent filmmaking and the life of a “B” actor, but most importantly it succeeds as an evocative memoir that allows the reader to know Campbell.”—School Library Journal

“An insightful and rant-filled guide to being almost famous.”—GQ

“Exceptionally literate yet conversational, wide-ranging but never wandering, and copiously, gleefully illustrated…” —Booklist

"entertaining and witty...Forecast: While a boon to film cultists and to Campbell's many fans, this book also has enough insights and smarts to appeal to readers with a serious interest in popular culture."—Publishers Weekly

"Campbell forgoes Hollywood anecdotes for more entertaining tales of struggling to break into the biz (even after Evil Dead II, he had to work security). With a quirky assortment of rants, as well as self-deprecating chapter titles like ”The Higher the Budget, the Lower the Part,” he’s like the dinner guest you wish would never leave."—Entertainment Weekly

"This book is indispensable to anyone aspiring to a career as an actor, director, producer, or just about any other aspect of movie making...A fast, enjoyable read that is sure to garner Campbell even more of a following."—Fangoria

Praise for Bruce Campbell
Without Bruce Campbell as Ash, “Evil Dead” likely would have remained one of the early-’80s splatterhouse flicks that indie filmmakers revere as inspirational to their craft. But Campbell molded Ash into a hero for the average guy by tempering the story’s adrenaline-spiking frights and nausea-inducing gore with a performance steeped in expressive slapstick. Demon vomit, hellish effluvia, barrels of limbs and spilled bowels, all of this and more were prominent in 1981’s “Evil Dead” and its 1987 sequel, “Evil Dead II.” In encouraging us to laugh at the disgusting effects, Campbell’s Ash made the franchise’s outrageous shocks manageable. — Salon

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About the author

Bruce Campbell

In 1979 with Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, Bruce Campbell filmed the Evil Dead, in which he starred and co-executive produced. Stephen King dubbed it “the most ferociously original horror film of the year." Bruce has written back-to-back New York Times bestsellers, appeared in all three Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies, and in 2013, he completed a seven-year run on Burn Notice, USA’s #1 show on cable. In 2016, he completed the second season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead TV series on Starz.

Hail to the Chin co-author Craig “Kif” Sanborn has been working with Bruce Campbell for more than twenty years, contributing artwork and humor for all of Campbell’s self-referential works, including If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a “B” Movie Actor, the novel Make Love! the Bruce Campbell Way, the feature film My Name Is Bruce, and Campbell’s own social media persona.

Bruce Campbell

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Craig Sanborn

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