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Living the Dream

Living the Dream

A Novel

Lauren Berry

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A cheeky, charming debut about twentysomething best friends in London navigating their careers and love lives past post-collegiate turmoil and into adulthood with lots of pints along the way

Emma is a rising star at the marketing firm she works at as a "creative," but would have trouble describing what exactly it is she does all day. She pours most of her actual creative energy into a popular blog that all of her friends agree is brilliant, but she has yet to make a cent on it. Clem is a massively talented screenwriter just back from New York, where she picked up a fancy graduate degree in film. But until she convinces an agent to take on her masterpiece script, she's stuck hostessing at the bar she frequented as an undergrad, and the only calls she's getting are about bills past due and overdrawn bank accounts. In their ironclad friendship both girls find a reliable break from the post-collegiate absurdities and indignities that seem to abound in life right at the moment they feel they should finally be getting it all together. With a rotating cast of lovably insufferable friends, from Emma's fabulous DJ and ladies’ man roommate to Clem's painfully ordinary and predictable childhood chum, the girls wind their way through the twists and turns of aging parents and terrible bosses and regrettable one night stands, unforeseen setbacks and blessings that present as anything but, and remind each other that while their ships might not have come in yet, the after work drinks are cold and the company can’t be beat.



Ten Thousand Spoons

The third floor of the Soho office block smelled of instant coffee and disappointment. Outside, London was in high spirits, alert and hectic. Inside the air was tepid, made of plastic and powered by...


Praise for Living the Dream

"This book about two friends dealing with the mess of their twenties. . . .feels like a great holiday read that the 27-year-old me can relate to." -Marie Claire

"Cheeky, sweet, and serious, this novel has a finger on the pulse. . . .entirely relateable." -Psychologies Magazine

". . .A witty and sardonic romp. Emma and Clem are relatable and hilarious, and their trials and tribulations keep the pages turning. Somber moments and sparks of clarity are cleverly woven into the narrative, adding depth and relevance to an authentic and satisfying novel." –Publishers Weekly

"Debut novelist Berry creates relatable characters who can laugh at themselves even when they fall down hard" –Kirkus

"Lauren Berry is London's Lena Dunham and her whip-smart and endearingly cheeky debut, Living the Dream, is an entertaining and often laugh-out-loud-funny tale of young cosmopolitan women on the fringes of a glamorous city life that seems just out of reach. Readers, grab your best friends and read this book over cocktails." Julia Fierro, author of The Gypsy Moth Summer and Cutting Teeth

"Living the Dream is a Bridget Jones' Diary for the millennial set: funny, fresh, and hard to put down. Much as with one's real life best friends, you'll want to shake Emma and Clementine by their shoulders as often as you'll want to get a drink with them." –Katie Heaney, author of Dear Emma

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About the author

Lauren Berry

Lauren Berry is the founding editor of satirical feminist ‘zine KnockBack and has been writing for and about women since 2005. Her work has been featured in Easy Living, Guardian, Observer and Independent. She was born, raised and works in North London. Living the Dream is her first novel.

Lauren Berry

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