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Boss Bride

The Powerful Woman's Playbook for Love and Success

Author: Charreah K. Jackson

Boss Bride

Boss Bride


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A game-changing book for professional women on how to navigate love and career from relationship expert Charreah Jackson.

Senior Editor and international...

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A game-changing book for professional women on how to navigate love and career from relationship expert Charreah Jackson.

Senior Editor and international dating & career coach Charreah K. Jackson answers the never-ending question for women: Is it truly possible to have your dream career and be part of a fulfilling, satisfying, lasting romantic relationship? In this relatable, entertaining, and confessional guide, Charreah weaves through the complicated world of dating and career, showing YOU how to be a Boss Bride.

With advice ranging from dating like a pro and how to go hard AND go home, Charreah gives you the insight and inspiration to become a Boss Bride – a powerful woman who manages the many roles in her life with pride and enthusiasm, demands her worth, lives in the moment, and prioritizes love. Packed with tips, tricks, strategies, and testimonies from women across America, Charreah shows you the path to getting the corner office and walking down the aisle – and how to stay a Boss Bride for life.

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St. Martin's Press



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“As Charreah breakdowns, it's more important than ever that we talk about how accomplished women can be empowered in our personal lives.” — Bozoma Saint John, Chief Brand Officer Uber

“I love the concept behind Boss Bride—that every woman has the power to succeed in work and in love, if she can accept that her dreams are a priority. Charreah Jackson is an absolute force of nature, and the perfect squad leader to bring this empowering, exciting message to the women who need it most.” —Sarah Knight, New York Times bestselling author of You Do You

“Charreah Jackson is a breath of fresh air to any room and Boss Bride shows others how to do the same. In this dynamic book she leaves well-seasoned bread crumbs on your way to your breathtaking future.” — Lisa Nichols, New York Times Bestselling author of seven books including No Matter What: 9 Steps to Living the Life You Love

"It's just as important for women to feel empowered at the bank as it is for us to feel empowered in the bedroom. Charreah recognizes that, and dives into both topics with full force.” — Emma Gray, Women’s Editor for The Huffington Post

“While some people have accepted that they can’t have it all, Charreah Jackson shows them that they can! Boss Bride offers tips, tools, and tough love when it comes to relentlessly pursuing a love life and fulfilling career. If you want to see success in every area of your life, then this book is for you!” — DeVon Franklin & Meagan Good, New York Times Bestselling Authors of The Wait

“Reading Boss Bride is like sitting down for girls night. Charreah delivers straight talk on work, love and everything in between...unfiltered. Grab a glass of wine.” — Tiffany Dufu, Chief Leadership Officer for Levo and Author of Drop the Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less

"Boss Bride is a book for every woman, no matter where you are on your journey! All of us on the grind can take a lot away from Charreah's insight into having love, a career, and figuring out how to make it all work." — Karen Civil

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Boss Bride

Boss Bride