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The Adirondacks

The Adirondacks

A History of America's First Wilderness

Paul Schneider

Henry Holt and Co.


His book is a romance, a story of first love between Americans and a thing they call "wilderness." For it was in the Adirondacks that masses of non-Native Americans first learned to cherish the wilderness as a place of recreation and solace.

In this lyrical narrative history, the author reveals that the affair between Americans and the Adirondacks was by no means one of love at first sight. And even now, Schneider shows that Americans' relationship with the glorious mountains and rivers of the Adirondacks continues to change. As in every good romance, nothing is as simple as it appears.

Praise for The Adirondacks

“A biography of a place, a life of the Adirondacks . . . irresistible.” —James Gorman, The New York Times Book Review

“Absolutely fascinating. Paul Schneider conjures the Adirondack wilderness as a vast and imposing stage on which a succession of human dramas-from the romantic to the terrifying--come alive.” —John Bert

“A delicious look at America's original summer paradise.” —Elle


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Paul Schneider

Paul Schneider is the acclaimed author of Bonnie and Clyde, Brutal Journey, The Enduring Shore, and The Adirondacks, a New York Times Book Review Notable Book. He writes for Harper's, Mirabella (where he works paret-time as deputy editor), and The New York Times Magazine. He and his family live in West Tisbury, Massachusetts.

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Paul Schneider