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Prince Not-So Charming: Happily Ever Laughter

Prince Not-So Charming: Happily Ever Laughter

Prince Not-So Charming (Volume 4)

Roy L. Hinuss; illustrated by Matt Hunt



In the fourth chapter book in the Prince Not-So Charming series, Prince Charming faces his greatest challenge yet: a fancy party.

Prince Carlos Charles Charming isn’t the princeliest of princes. But he might be the funniest.

Unfortunately, being hilarious won’t help much at a birthday party thrown by an evil queen with no sense of humor. And if Carlos, his pet dragon, and his friend Pinky don’t bring the right presents and fail to dance perfectly, the evil queen might declare war.

Can Carlos and his friends keep the party from turning into a disaster? Who are we kidding? The real question is: After starting a food fight, can they save their kingdom?

Perfect for middle grade readers and filled with adorable illustrations, Prince Not-So Charming: Happily Ever Laughter is for every kid who worries about how to survive their next party.

An Imprint Book


Prince Carlos Charles Charming raced down the twisty corridors of Fancy Castle. He’d been told to get to the throne room “on the double.”

“On the double” didn’t mean “in a minute.” “On the double”...

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