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The Future of Terrorism

The Future of Terrorism

ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the Alt-Right

Walter Laqueur and Christopher Wall

Thomas Dunne Books


An expert on terrorism and an expert on counterterrorism answer the two questions everyone is asking about the rise of terrorism today: why is this happening, and when will it end?

Since the death of bin Laden in 2011, ISIS has risen, al-Qaeda has expanded its reach, and right-wing extremists have surged in the United States for the same simple reason: terrorism works. It’s not caused by psychosis or irrationality, as the media often suggests. Instead, it’s terrifyingly logical. Violent acts produce political results.

To show why, Walter Laqueur and Christopher Wall explore the history, rationales and precepts of terrorism, from the assassination of Tsar Alexander II, through the terror campaigns by Irish and Indian nationalists, and to the Nazis and Italian Fascists.

To explain why terror is on the rise again, they show how the American invasion of Iraq created the conditions for the emergence of al-Qaeda in Iraq, part of which metastasized into ISIS, while Russia’s increasing intervention in Syria allowed both of the organizations to evolve.

The Future of Terrorism brings reason to a topic usually ruled by fear. Laqueur and Wall show the structural features behind contemporary terrorism: how bad governance abets terror; the link between poverty and terrorism; why religious terrorism is more dangerous than secular; and the nature of supposed “lone wolf” terrorists. Fear alone provides no tools to combat the future of terrorism. This book does.


After the death of Osama bin Laden in May 2011, President Obama declared that al-Qaeda no longer posed a threat to the United States and that the danger of terrorism was receding. Yet within three...

Praise for The Future of Terrorism

"A brief, fast-paced historical overview leads to probing and provocative ruminations on the multifarious factors that draw young men toward violence in the service of an ideology ... The authors’ nuanced perspective on a complex phenomenon will appeal to readers interested in what lies beyond the headlines." —Publishers Weekly

"Of considerable interest to the geopolitically inclined, as are all of Laqueur's many books." —Kirkus Reviews


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Walter Laqueur and Christopher Wall

WALTER LAQUEUR served as the director of the Institute of Contemporary History in London and concurrently the chairman of the International Research Council of CSIS in Washington for 30 years. He was also a professor at Georgetown University and the author of more than twenty-five books on Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. He has had articles published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and countless other newspapers worldwide. His books include The Last Days of Europe , Putinism, and After the Fall.

CHRISTOPHER WALL is a cyber-security analyst focusing on emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to improve intelligence collection. He is an instructor for the Navy, teaching courses on counterterrorism and counterinsurgency.

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