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A Novel of Beauty and Rivalry

Author: Richard Kirshenbaum



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Like Swans of Fifth Avenue and Truman Capote’s Answered Prayers, Richard Kirshenbaum's Rouge gives readers a rare front row seat into the world of high society...

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Like Swans of Fifth Avenue and Truman Capote’s Answered Prayers, Richard Kirshenbaum's Rouge gives readers a rare front row seat into the world of high society and business through the rivalry of two beauty industry icons, by the master marketer and chronicler of the over-moneyed.

is a sexy, glamorous journey into the rivalry of the pioneers of powder, mascara and rouge.

This fast-paced novel examines the lives, loves, and sacrifices of the visionaries who invented the modern cosmetics industry: Josiah Herzenstein, born in a Polish Jewish Shtlel, the entrepreneur who transforms herself into a global style icon and the richest woman in the world, Josephine Herz; Constance Gardiner, her rival, the ultimate society woman who invents the door-to-door business and its female workforce but whose deepest secret threatens everything; CeeCee Lopez, the bi-racial beauty and founder of the first African American woman’s hair relaxer business, who overcomes prejudice and heartbreak to become her community’s first female millionaire. The cast of characters is rounded out by Mickey Heron, a dashing, sexy ladies' man whose cosmetics business is founded in a Hollywood brothel. All are bound in a struggle to be number one, doing anything to get there…including murder.

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St. Martin's Press



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"A vivid portrait of glamorous, feisty women contending for the crown of cosmetics queen." —Kirkus

"A fun, frothy look into the lives and secrets of (fictional) beauty-industry players." —New York Post

"Sexy, spellbinding and au courant, relax into your hammock, grab a cocktail and dive into the ultimate beach read. Revel in the glitz, greed and glamour of the players in the high stakes world of the beauty business as they out con their way to the top. Written with the ultimate literary gimlet eye by Manhattan's astute social observer, and crafted with suspense and humor, this explosive tale of love, beauty and ambition is sealed with a kiss. Loved it." —Adriana Trigiani, bestselling author of Tony's Wife

“I couldn’t put it down! The perfect summer and vacation read when I’m on the road." —Venus Williams, tennis champion, entrepreneur, founder EleVen by Venus

“Richard Kirshenbaum is the love child of Dominick Dunne and Jacqueline Susann and Rouge is as rich, vicious, and vivid as it gets.” —Wednesday Martin, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Untrue and Primates of Park Avenue

Reading Rouge is a delicious and cherished treat! Stand up and cheer for the iconic female cosmetic industry pioneers who were brilliant, beautiful and beyond their years in entrepreneurial genius. I can’t wait to be on set filming this book. “ —Wendy Finerman, Academy Award-winning producer of Forrest Gump, The Devil Wears Prada and Stepmom

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