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Maker Comics: Grow a Garden!

Maker Comics: Grow a Garden!

Maker Comics

Written and illustrated by Alexis Frederick-Frost

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Listed in The Beat's most anticipated graphic novels for winter 2020

Maker Comics is the ultimate DIY guide.

Inside Alexis Frederick-Frost's graphic novel, you will find illustrated instructions for six gardening projects!

Will, Violet, and Basil must be the unluckiest students at the Garden Gnome Academy. They've been stuck with Mr. Butternut, the school's most unpopular (and unusual) teacher. Will and his friends have to learn about soil and compost while their classmates get to study exotic plants and butterflies. Although things get a little messy (and stinky) in his class, Mr. Butternut does know a thing or two about growing delicious veggies.

Read along to get all the dirt on growing your favorite vegetables! And you don’t need a big backyard to be a great gardener—just a little bit of space and a lot of sunlight. With the easy instructions inside this book you can grow lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, and more. Maker Comics: Grow a Garden! will walk you through each step, from seed to harvest.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions and you can make:
A compost bin
Seed pots
Potting mix
A growlight shelf
A cold frame
A container garden

Reviews from Goodreads

Written and illustrated by Alexis Frederick-Frost

Alexis Frederick-Frost is an author, illustrator, and a co-creator of the Adventures in Cartooning series. His books are distinguished by their accessible art, humor, and informative content. Compared to drawing comics, gardening was more difficult for Alexis to figure out. His first garden faced an army of invading slugs, late spring snowstorms, and a voracious groundhog—but he managed to harvest enough veggies to share. He now cultivates a collection of pampered orchids, a few of which make a cameo in this book.

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