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Maker Comics: Build a Robot!

Maker Comics: Build a Robot!

Maker Comics

Written by Colleen AF Venable; illustrated by Kathryn Hudson

First Second


Inside this volume of Maker Comics, First Second's DIY comic series, you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to construct six different robots!

The family toaster is preparing to take over the world with an army of evil robots, but he needs your help to build them! Several obstacles lie in his path: your homework, a pesky little sister, and even a dastardly kitty cat. Just follow his instructions to build a series of robots, and world domination is within reach!

With Maker Comics: Build a Robot! written by Colleen AF Venable, featuring illustrations from Kathryn Hudson, you can create a bunch of (non-evil) robots of your very own! All you need are a few everyday items you can find lying around the house and some simple components you can order online. With the easy instructions in this book and you can build a robot that can move on its own, sound an alarm, and even use a sensor to respond to the outside world!

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions inside this book and you can make these robots!

Brush bot
Art bot
Scare bot
Noisy bot
LED throwie
Remote controlled car bot

Praise for Maker Comics: Build a Robot!

Praise for the Maker Comics series:

"Vibrant and full of great tips and tricks." —Make Magazine


Written by Colleen AF Venable; illustrated by Kathryn Hudson

Colleen Ann Felicity Venable is an author, designer, and maker. Her books include the YA graphic novel Kiss Number 8 (illustrated by Ellen T. Crenshaw), the quirky counting boardbook One More Wheel (illustrated by Blythe Russo), and the graphic novel series Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye (illustrated by Stephanie Yue).

Born and raised in Mississippi, Kathryn Hudson graduated from The Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia with a Master's degree in Illustration. She now lives with her husband and two cats in Atlanta, Georgia.

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