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Child Star

Child Star

Brian "Box" Brown

First Second


Child Star is a fictional documentary-style graphic novel about how growing up in the spotlight robs young actors of a true childhood.

Child star Owen Eugene had it all: a hit sitcom on prime time, a Saturday morning cartoon, and a memoir on the bestseller list. The secret to his success was his talent for improvisation . . . and his small size. On screen he made the whole world laugh, but behind the scenes his life was falling apart. Hollywood ate him alive.

Inspired by real-life child stars, bestselling author Brian “Box” Brown created Owen Eugene, a composite character whose tragic life is an amalgam of 1980s pop culture.


First Second's #SketchSchool with Brian "Box" Brown for ANDRE THE GIANT and CHILD STAR

In First Second's #SketchSchool series, you'll see your favorite graphic novelists draw their characters right in front of your eyes! You can follow along and try to learn new skills, or just watch the magic happen. Stay tuned on Tuesdays for more videos! In this next installment, you'll watch Brian "Box" Brown draw two of his characters, Andre the Giant and Owen Eugene from his upcoming graphic novel, CHILD STAR. He used a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and a Micron 08 ink pen.

Praise for Child Star

"As a composite, Owen is opaque, but he serves as a symbol by which Brown questions the culture’s need to perpetuate childhood and the cost the industry exacts from its chosen child archetypes. This affords much satisfaction, as does the meticulous reinvention of 1980s pop culture and the replication of video documentary style, which serves as the book’s structure."—Booklist

"Brown (André the Giant) made a reputation for offbeat and accessible graphic nonfiction, but in this savvy graphic satire, he shows an equally sure hand at fiction. ...[Brown's] blocky art moves the narrative along at an enjoyable clip, and it’s appropriate that Eugene, irresistible to TV-land fans, often looks lumpy and off-putting. This in-the-know skewering of celebrity and pop culture will entertain children of the ’80s as well as their own children."—Publisher's Weekly, starred review


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Brian "Box" Brown

Brian "Box" Brown is a New York Times–bestselling comic artist, writer, and illustrator living in Philadelphia. His published books include Andre the Giant: Life and Legend, Tetris: The Games People Play, Is This Guy For Real?: The Unbelievable Andy Kaufman, and Cannabis: The Illegalization of Weed in America.

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