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The Pennypackers Go on Vacation

The Pennypackers Go on Vacation

Written by Lisa Doan; illustrated by Marta Kissi

Roaring Brook Press


The cheapest family in the world decides to go on an off-brand cruise in this wacky mystery/adventure story.

Mr. Pennypacker is cheap. But Mrs. Pennypacker has wrestled money for a vacation from his tightfisted grip, and the family is on their way to a Disney cruise. Charlie Pennypacker is thrilled to be going somewhere—an eleven story luxury cruise liner, 212-foot water slide, and an all-night buffet awaits!

So Charlie thinks. The vacation is actually a Wisney cruise, which means a dilapidated fishing boat, fake Disney characters, no water slide, eggs for every meal, and his enemy Gunter Hwang, who has been brought along for thirty dollars a day. On top of that, the captain is on the run from sinister men in dark suits.

It's a Caribbean game of cat and mouse involving wits, interrogations, a hidden room, races against time, and clever deceptions. As Mr. Pennypacker would say, you can't get this kind of adventure on those other overpriced cruises.

Chapter One

Engines roaring, Frontier Airlines Flight 1001 barreled down the runway. Charlie Pennypacker gripped the armrests—he was finally going somewhere.

He’d spent years harassing his dad to take them on a trip. He’d...

Praise for The Pennypackers Go on Vacation

"This illustrated mystery-adventure features wacky characters, deceptions, and lots of madcap situations... Charlie and Gunter's efforts to uncover the mystery are thoroughly enjoyable." - Booklist -

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Written by Lisa Doan; illustrated by Marta Kissi

Lisa Doan is a graduate of the Vermont College of Fine Arts writing program and the author of several novels for children including Chadwick’s Epic Revenge. She lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Marta Kissi is a London based illustrator originally from Warsaw. She studied BA Illustration & Animation at Kingston University and MA Communication Art & Design at the Royal College of Art. Marta shares a studio in London with her boyfriend and their pet plant Trevor.

Roaring Brook Press

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