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The Nutri-Blender Recipe Bible

The Nutri-Blender Recipe Bible

Lose Weight, Detoxify, Fight Disease, and Gain Energy with Healthy Superfood Smoothies and Soups from Your Single-Serving Blender

Robin Donovan

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Taking control of your healthy lifestyle and making simple, delicious recipes go hand-in-hand with Nutri-Blender Recipe Bible! Use the easiest, no-fuss kitchen appliance out there to enjoy as many as 150 incredible meals that detoxify, protect, replenish, and revitalize your health. From superfood smoothies, enriching soups, and zesty dressings, to bars, burgers, and cakes, each meal is easy to prepare, easy to clean up, and retains all of the most nutritious elements of your fruits and vegetables. These recipes go beyond the traditional smoothie, as the nutri-blender holds onto fiber and essential nutrients and minerals that juicers toss away. Nutri-Blender Recipe Bible is the all-in-one resource for easy-to-follow, flavorful recipes that lead to a healthier you. Never miss an opportunity to use your nutri-blender with this outstanding collection of nourishing, energizing, and flavorful meals.
· Lose weight and feel great with nutrient-rich recipes!
· Make healthy eating a breeze with all-in-one nutri-blender recipes
· Enjoy 150 smoothies, spreads, snacks, and more!

Praise for The Nutri-Blender Recipe Bible

Praise for Nutri-Blender Recipe Bible

"Robin Donovan’s Nutri-Blender Recipe Bible is a detailed, easy-to-use, blender-chef resource that helps you to create the recipe you require in minutes. Need more energy? Check out the 'energizing smoothies' recipes. Need more plant-based protein? Check out the 'high-protein smoothies.' Want some non-dairy milk that you can make at home in minutes? They are in the 'non-dairy milks' section. What about soups, dips, sauces and spreads? They are all here in this book, too. These recipes are simple, effective, and fun to make with clear instructions. Get ready to start experiencing the best day ever every single day!"
— David 'Avocado' Wolfe,, author, nutritionist, health blogger, co-creator of the NutriBullet Blender


Robin Donovan

ROBIN DONOVAN is a food writer and recipe developer. She is the author of numerous
cookbooks, including the best-selling Campfire Cuisine: Gourmet Recipes for the Great
Outdoors, Home Skillet: The Essential Cast Iron Cookbook for One-Pan Meals, and The
Lazy Gourmet: Magnificent Meals Made Easy. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with
her husband and son and blogs about super easy recipes for delicious meals.