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Doodlebug Elizabeth

Doodlebug Elizabeth

A Is for Elizabeth (Volume 4)

Written by Rachel Vail; illustrated by Paige Keiser

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Doodlebug Elizabeth is the fourth title in Rachel Vail's A Is for Elizabeth chapter book series--featuring illustrations by Paige Keiser.

Class 2B is getting pets!
What pets will they be?

Elizabeth does not like surprises, but she does like pets.
And she loves butterflies!

Even when they are baby butterflies and just look like smudges. (But, honestly, less.)

When Elizabeth gives her teacher a great idea with her doodles, every kid in 2B gets to choose one animal each to learn about! Elizabeth ends up with…JELLYFISH.

She does not feel a little disappointed with her choice.
Elizabeth has never felt a little ANYTHING in her entire life.

While the smudges grow into butterflies, Elizabeth is growing too – discovering that she can use her love of doodling to help deal with all her big feelings.

Even her feelings about goodbyes, and surprises…and jellyfish!

Chapter 1

Class 2B is getting pets!

What pets?

I don’t know.

Our teacher, Ms. Patel, said, “It will be a surprise when you come back after the weekend!”

I don’t like surprises.

I like...

Written by Rachel Vail; illustrated by Paige Keiser

Rachel Vail is the author of the acclaimed Justin Case series, as well as other middle-grade novels and several picture books. She lives in New York City.

Paige Keiser is the illustrator of Little Chef by Matt Stine and Elisabeth Weinberg. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

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