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Mysticons: Quest for the Codex

Mysticons: Quest for the Codex


Sadie Chesterfield



This junior novelization retells storylines from many episodes of the hit new show Mysticons!

In Drake City, where magic and technology meet, four girls are brought together by an ancient prophecy. Princess Arkayna, her friend Em, and street kids Zarya and Piper are transformed into the Mysticons—heroes with incredible magic powers.

But to unlock their full abilities—and save Arkayna's parents, the queen and king—the Mysticons must find the Codex. An ancient spellbook with the power to fight evil, the Codex was split into four pieces, each hidden away with riddles and puzzles as the only clues.

The Mysticons must hurry; forces of evil want the Codex themselves—and they'll be able to use its powers to destroy Drake City and anyone who would stop them.

Based on the animated television series, Mysticons: Quest for the Codex includes an 8-page color insert with artwork from the show!

Mysticons characters, designs, and elements © 2018 Nelvana Limited. Mysticons is a trademark of Nelvana Limited. All rights reserved.

An Imprint Book


THE FOUR MYSTICONS flew through the air on their massive griffins, swerving this way and that. The glowing orb was up ahead. They urged the great creatures on, trying to get as close as they could to it.


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Sadie Chesterfield

Sadie Chesterfield is the author of dozens of novels for children and teens including the Mysticons books Quest for the Codex and Prophesy of Evil. She lives in California. When she isn't writing, she loves traveling the world, eating delicious food, and hiking in the mountains with her pitbull mix, Ralph.

Sadie Chesterfield