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King of the Mole People: Rise of the Slugs

King of the Mole People: Rise of the Slugs

King of the Mole People (Volume 2)

Paul Gilligan

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)


A new threat has oozed onto the scene in Book 2 of this hilarious middle grade series by Paul Gilligan starring Doug, King of the underworld.

The Wimpy Kid's got nothing on the King of the Mole People—he's got more laughs and more mud.” —Kirkus Reviews

Doug Underbelly has quit being King of the Mole People. No more Slug, Stone, Mole or Mushrooms underlings, no more skirmishes, no more diplomacy. The only thing standing between him and normality is the creaky old graveyard mansion he lives in with his weirdness-loving dad.

But the universe isn’t letting Doug go without a fight. First he’s forced to manage cleanup crews and dance committees, then a whole new breed of Slugs start to revolt. It seems the more Doug tries to get out, the deeper he gets dragged in. Can Doug restore order and finally reach his dream of just being normal? Maybe, but he’ll have to take it one Slug egg at a time.

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I knew instinctively that time was up when a dead bird fell out of the sky. I don’t know much about omens, but I do know weirdness pretty thoroughly, and that was completely weird.


Praise for King of the Mole People: Rise of the Slugs

"The same sly humor and quirky illustrations found in the first volume. With a bit of hand-selling, these stories will be perfect for kids looking for a little variation on the Greg Heffley theme. Funny stories are hard to find, so purchase both books in the series where humorous fiction is in demand." --School Library Journal

"Along with plenty of muck and ooey-gooey characters with monikers like “Hurrk” and “Burf”, Gilligan plugs in plenty of Wimpy Kid–style ink-and-fill drawings with punchlines and wordless reaction shots." --Kirkus Reviews


Paul Gilligan

Paul Gilligan is the creator of King of the Mole People as well as the syndicated comic strip Pooch Cafe. He has won awards for both illustration and design for such publications as Entertainment Weekly, the Wall Street Journal, and MAD magazine. He lives in Toronto, Canada, with his family.

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Paul Gilligan

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Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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