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In the Eye of Heaven

The Tales of Durand, Book One

The Tales of Durand (Volume 1)

Author: David Keck

In the Eye of Heaven

In the Eye of Heaven


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A fiercely original epic fantasy debut

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In the Eye of Heaven is book one of David Keck's acclaimed and gritty epic fantasy Eye of Heaven trilogy

Durand is simply a good squire trying to become a good knight in a harsh and unforgiving world.

After fourteen years of grueling training, Durand's knighthood and inheritance, the lordship of a small village in his father's duchy, seemed assured. However, Fate saw otherwise. When the long lost son of the knight of that village unexpectedly returns, Durand must forge his own name and fortune.

Disgraced sons, treacherous dukes, plots of murder, and banished monsters—what begins as a young man’s journey to self-discovery quickly turns into a quest to save the World of Man.

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"A work of laudable ambition and a promising debut." —Locus on In the Eye of Heaven

“The style reminded me somewhat of Gene Wolfe's in his Wizard Knight series . . .”—Bookloons

“A powerful and assured debut novel, featuring gritty realism, skilled characterization, and compelling storytelling, set against the backdrop of a mythos that has the ring of primordial truth.” —Jacqueline Carey on In the Eye of Heaven

“A very intelligent book, with a hero who starts out as raw and physical as the world in which he finds himself but who proves able to use his mind to get out of the situations his body's gotten him into.” —David Drake on In the Eye of Heaven

“In David Keck's new fantasy, the gritty reality of medieval warfare is all the more believable against the backdrop of an Otherworld whose magic is rooted in folklore.” —Diana L. Paxson on In the Eye of Heaven

“The world and its cultures that Keck unveils in In the Eye of Heaven are brutal and raw, and through it all the reader senses a fierce authenticity, a depth of knowledge in the author assuring that every detail every nuance, is precisely as it should be. This novel marks the debut of an exceptional series, revealing the mythical depth and resonance possible with in the genre of fantasy--a rare feat these days.” —Steven Erikson, author of Gardens of the Moon

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In the Eye of Heaven

In the Eye of Heaven