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Stand Proud and Eyes of the Hawk

Stand Proud and Eyes of the Hawk

Two Complete Novels of the American West

Elmer Kelton

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Elmer Kelton's Stand Proud and Eyes of the Hawk are two novels of fierce men tested by the Old West, written by one of the most critically acclaimed writers of the American west and offered at one low price.

Stand Proud

Frank Claymore is cantankerous, stubborn, and intolerant—just the qualities that make him a success as an open-range cattle rancher on the West Texas frontier. Stand Proud follows Claymore from the time of the Civil War to the dawn of the twentieth century—through marriage, births, deaths, and a creeping change in the society that once hailed him as a hero, and which later has him condemned as a despoiler and tried for murder.

Eyes of the Hawk

Thomas Canfield descends from a line of Texas’s earliest settlers. A proud man with a fierce-eyes stare, he inspires the Mexicans of Stonehill, Texas to call him el gavilan—“the hawk.” When Branch Isom—an insolent, dangerous newcomer—seeks to build his fortune at Canfeild’s expense, an all-out feud ensues, hurtling the town toward a day of reckoning that will shake the entire town to its very roots.


From the time I first began writing fiction more than fifty years ago, I was determined someday to write a novel about the development of the cattle industry in West Texas, the heyday of the open-range cattleman and...

Praise for Stand Proud and Eyes of the Hawk

“Elmer Kelton is a Texas treasure.” —El Paso Herald-Post

“Voted ‘the greatest Western writer of all time’ by the Western Writers of America, Kelton creates characters more complex than L’Amour's.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Kelton writes of early Texas with unerring authority.” —Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“You can never go wrong if .. . you pick up a title by Elmer Kelton.” —American Cowboy

“One of the best.” —The New York Times

“A splendid writer.” —The Dallas Morning News

“A genuine craftsman with an ear for dialogue and, more importantly, an understanding of the human heart.” —Booklist


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Elmer Kelton

ELMER KELTON (1926-2009) was the seven-time Spur Award-winning author of more than forty novels, including the Texas Rangers series, the Hewey Calloway series, and the Buckalew Family series. He was also the recipient of the Owen Wister Lifetime Achievement award. In addition to his novels, Kelton worked as an agricultural journalist for forty-two years, and served in the infantry in World War II.

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