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According to a Source

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Author: Abby Stern

According to a Source

According to a Source

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"A delicious novel." —People

Abby Stern's According to a Source is a juicy, big-hearted novel about a young woman who loses herself in a fast-paced,...

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"A delicious novel." —People

Abby Stern's According to a Source is a juicy, big-hearted novel about a young woman who loses herself in a fast-paced, glamorous world where finding your authentic self isn’t easy.

Ella Warren loves her job working for celebrity news magazine, The Life, as an undercover reporter. Her evenings are spent using her alias to discreetly attend red carpet events, nightclubs, and Hollywood hotspots like the fabulous Chateau Marmont, where her eyes are always peeled for the next big celebrity story.

When Ella’s new boss starts a not-so-friendly competition among the reporters to find an exclusive story or be fired, the stakes are higher than ever. But is being in Hollywood’s elite inner circle worth jeopardizing her friendship with budding actress Holiday Hall and her relationships with her boyfriend and her family? As the competition grows fiercer, her life becomes intertwined in a public scandal that may cost her everything.

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A Thomas Dunne Book for St. Martin's Griffin



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"A delicious novel." —People

“I had SO much fun with this hysterical novel about Hollywood, and I can almost guess who the stars (in disguise) are! Abby Stern shows how Los Angeles is as dangerous as Rikers Island, yet how celebrities truly can be as superficial as Kardashians and glamorous as magic, all at once.” —Lucy Sykes, author of The Knockoff

"A compulsively readable sneak peek into the secret lives of Hollywood's glitterati. Ella's spiral into self-awareness reminded me of Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic--but with A-list celebrities instead of shoes!"
—Lauren Willig, New York Times bestselling author

"Who doesn't love a little celebrity gossip? (Answer: no one. We all love it!) But who's out there, getting you the scoop? Meet Ella Warren, celebrity news reporter... She loves spying on the Hollywood elite for her stories, but when one story hits a little too close to home, will she choose her job or the people closest to her?" —PopSugar, 26 Brilliant Books You Should Read This Spring

"Abby Stern’s debut is dishy, wise, and full of heart. According to a Source gives readers a tour of inner Hollywood, where the city’s dirty and glamorous sides meet. Despite the dazzling setting, protagonist Ella Warren is relatable for anyone who has faced difficult choices and made questionable decisions. Think you can’t love a Hollywood gossip? Think again. Stern has written a winner." —Michelle Gable, New York Times bestselling author of A Paris Apartment and I'll See You in Paris

"Ella's friends and family are vivid and memorable, and the blind-item celebrity nomenclature, including 'Rugged Award-Nominated Method Actor' and 'Southern Girl-Next-Door Movie Star,' remains fresh and witty. Fast-paced and charming, the novel gives a glimpse into the secret world of celebrity - and celebrity reporting - that many readers will eat up like the latest tabloid or reality television show. The human side of Hollywood is revealed in Stern’s strong debut." —Kirkus Reviews

"Readers who relish celebrity gossip will have a blast trying to identify the various celebrities alluded to with such colorful descriptions as 'Older Multi-Oscar Winning Womanizer' and 'Not-So-Innocent Oversexualized Pop Star' in this fun, frothy read." —Booklist

"In addition to the fascinating secrets of the rich and famous, a family crisis and a new romance add to the glitzy drama in the debut from real life journalist, Abby Stern. If you love The Devil Wears Prada, According to a Source is a summer must-read!" —The Zoe Report

"A fantastical narrative that really captures the voice of “Tinseltown.” According to a Source is the perfect book to indulge in while lounging around the pool this summer." —Black Chalk

"The slick sensation of Hollywood glamour combined with well-rounded characters go down like expensive champagne." —LA Weekly

"According to a Source is chatty and fast-paced and fun, all of the gossip with none of the guilt, but with a serious side about what it means to be true to your ethics and to yourself." —Brit + Co

"If you relish celebrity gossip, then this book is for you." —FabFitFun

"Such a fast, witty book with a dose of gravitas." —Goop

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According to a Source

According to a Source