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Mr. Trump's Wild Ride

The Thrills, Chills, Screams, and Occasional Blackouts of an Extraordinary Presidency

Author: Major Garrett

Mr. Trump's Wild Ride

Mr. Trump's Wild Ride

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A seasoned White House correspondent surveys an unusual presidency and answers the most important question: Does Trump matter?
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Major Garrett has been reporting on the White House for nearly two decades, covering four different presidencies for three news outlets. But if he thought that his distinguished journalistic career had prepared him for the unique challenges of covering Donald Trump, he was in for a surprise.

Like many others in Washington, Garrett found himself having to unlearn many of his own settled notions about the nature and function of the presidency. He also had to separate the carnival-like noise of the Trump presidency from its underlying substance. For even in its first half, Trump’s tenure has been highly consequential.

In Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride, Major Garrett provides what journalists are often said to do, but usually don’t: a true first draft of history. His goal was to sift through the mountains of distracting tweets and shrieking headlines in order to focus on the most significant moments of Trump’s young presidency, the ones that Garrett believes will have a lasting impact. The result is an authoritative, mature, and consistently entertaining account of one of the strangest eras in American political history.

A consummate professional with unimpeachable integrity, remarkable storytelling skills, and a deep knowledge of his subject earned through decades of experience, Garrett brings to life the twists and turns of covering this White House and its unconventional occupant with wit, sagacity and style. Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride should place him securely in the first rank of Washington journalists.

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Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride is excellent journalism, an early draft of our current history." —Washington Post

"Garrett’s assessment of Trump manages the difficult task of being both hard-hitting and even-handed, as well as smartly entertaining...The result is one of the best accounts yet of Trump’s impact.” —Publishers Weekly

"This generally thoughtful analysis is especially good on Trump’s 'coarsening influence on political dialogue.'" —Kirkus Reviews

“An extremely helpful, useful book." —Grover Norquist

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Mr. Trump's Wild Ride

Mr. Trump's Wild Ride