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The Event Group Thrillers, Books 1-3

The Event Group Thrillers, Books 1-3

Event, Legend, and Ancients

Event Group Thrillers

David L. Golemon

Thomas Dunne Books


New York Times bestselling author David L. Golemon's Event Group series is an "increasingly clever series" (Booklist) about Department 5656, also known as the Event Group, a secret government agency dedicated to solving America's past mysteries and bringing forth the truth behind myths and legends. Here together in a low priced eBook bundle are the first three novels in this action-packed, thrilling series.

When an unidentified object crashes in Roswell, New Mexico, two creatures emerge. One is here to help, the other has been intentionally brought here for one sole purpose: the total extinction of life on earth. Major Jack Collins must lead the Event Group in a battle for the survival of our world.

The President of the United States sends the Event Group after a treasure that has captured man's desires for centuries, the legend of El Dorado. And lurking in the darkness is a legendary beast of the Amazon who will rise from the mother of all waters to viciously kill anyone threatening the secrets of the long vanished Incas.

The Event Group must face its most dangerous assignment yet—to find the lost trail of the Ancients and unearth a missing key before the new Reich does and uses it to decipher the most dangerous weapon in the history of the world. The Event Group is the world's only hope as they search and battle for the lost power of the Ancients.

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David L. Golemon

DAVID L. GOLEMON makes his home in New York. He is the New York Times bestselling author of the Event Group series and The Supernaturals series.

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Katie Anne Golemon

David L. Golemon

Thomas Dunne Books

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